You should know

This is my personal quirky blog. The thoughts, ramblings, recipes, opinions and ideas expressed by me on this blog do not reflect the opionions or interests of my employer. 

If I get something to review for free, I will disclose that to you in the post. To be clear, the post will say something like, “so and such company let me check out this product…” If I don’t say anything and I mention a product by name, you can rest assured I spent my own hard-earned money on said product. 

The same goes for give-aways and sponsorships. I will let you know if I ever get popular to be approached by marketers to share things with you. And if that day ever happens, I’ll only share things that I truly believe are worth sharing with you. And I’ll be straight up with you if it sucks. (So much for being contacted, huh?) I’m keeping it quirky, yo.

Otherwise, you can bet your bottom dollar that everything else on this here quirky blog and Quirky Weddng comes from me and my occasional guest bloggers.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you take a moment to drop me a line in the comments.


One response to “You should know

  1. carriebenuska

    Such a great and clever blog! I have just recently been caught up in this whole blogging thing and it is quite engulfing! I will definitely keep up with what you have to say.

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