Who is Queen of Quirky?

Quirky Bio:

Queen of Quirky aka Stephanie Mitchum Carey is a former print journalist turned radio journalist turned Morning Edition host turned back to print journalist who decided she had such a wide-range of journalism experience, she should try her crack at P.R.  This is her non-professional quirky blog where she now finds her voice. (Her journalism professor would be so proud — and by proud, horrified.)

Queen of Quirky’s blog began under the title “My Marathon,” a place to log her training and the ultimate completion of her first marathon in 2005. Despite renaming the blog to “Onward Bound” and the best intentions to keep it alive, it  sat on the shelf and collected dust for several years.

In 2008, the queen resurfaced with a new perspective on life, and a new name for her blog following her divorce. At age 30, she was back in the dating world after nearly seven years of being off the market. In the process, she met, dated and became engaged to the future Mr. Quirky.

She occasionally sports a custom-made  Wonder Woman costume and enjoys signing comic books featuring her fictional heroine. She finds camaraderie in the Wonder Woman story-line, specifically the lasso of truth, and thinks women should find their inner goddess and kick butt at whatever they put their minds to. 

When she’s not accidentally dressing inappropriately for work, she enjoys trying to be fashionable. When she’s not catching her kitchen on fire, she loves to cook. And most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, who are all very aware that anything they say or do could end up featured on queenofquirky.com.

Queenofquirky.com offers a quirky take on life, divorce, food, marriage the second time and occasionally the thing that started it all — running.  All material is viewed under the microscope of the queen’s mantra, “keep it quirky.”

Queen of Quirky lives in Kansas City with Mr. Quirky and scaredy-cat dog, Gertie.

Quirky sightings:

The queen attended Blogher 09 and  Blogher Food 09.

She regularly attends Kansas City blog/tweetups.

Quirky Guest Posts

Queen of Quirky is the Tuesday writer for the Tweet My Wedding Blog

Wedding Moments: Do you Laugh or Cry, Bridelines Blog.

Our Queen (of Quirky) For a Day, Rocky Mount Telegram – Charm Chicks Blog

You can blog with a little help from your friends, Rocky Mount Telegram – Charm Chicks Blog

Wine and Fire Night, Rocky Mount Telegram – Charm Chicks Blog

Quirky Online Hideouts





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