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Cheese please

Observation: when  no one’s watching, I regress to a no holds bar, all manners and rules are off the table slob. I feel the need to share this with you, why? Eh, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Case in point: I just polished off a huge piece of buttery blueberry lemon pound cake. About 3/4 through said breakfast, I thought to myself, why am I bothering with this fork? So I abandoned the fork. Then when all that was left were a few buttery crumbly bits, I was literally scraping them off the plate and licking them from my fingers, then re- picking up the smallest bits with my sticky finger tips to lick those off. Ew. (but yum.)

Speaking of yum, I have to share with you a recipe I tried last night. This was completely plagiarized from one of the work girls who says she snagged it off a can of enchilada sauce.

I had the pleasure of trying this recipe at a surprise baby shower fiesta we threw for preggo work girl.  I begged for the recipe. And I had been dreaming of it ever since. (I know. I have issues.)

I present: The Queen of Quirky Work Girls’ Cream Cheese Surprise! – We’re Throwing You a Baby Shower Fiesta – Chicken Enchiladas (or just Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas if you are lazy)

Buy: A pound of chicken, a block of cream cheese, an onion, a large can of green chili enchilada sauce, a small can of diced green chilli’s, a bag of flour tortillas and a package of shredded cheddar cheese.

Also buy: a bottle of Margarita mix with tequila in it. This recipe is way too easy to bother with fussy margaritas. Pour yourself a glass while preparing and enjoy. You’ll finish in time for your second glass while they cook. (Yes, I take tips via PayPal – e-mail me at queenofquirky at the g-mail)

Editor’s note: margaritas are for the cook, not for the baby shower fiesta recipient herself. Not that I’d judge any expecting mother for having a few sips of a delicious Margarita.

Turn your oven on to 350. (Be sure to remove any pans, toys, shoes or other items you may have stored in your oven since your last usage. Again, I don’t judge.)

Dice up the chicken into small cubes. Then, chop up the onion and throw it all in a pan with some olive oil and salt and pepper.

While that’s cooking, open up the cream cheese and cut it into cubes. Grab your can opener and open the can of chili’s. Once the chicken is done, turn the heat down to low and throw in the cream cheese and chili’s.

Mix it up really well, then fill your flour tortillas with the cheesey chicken mix. Roll them up and place them seam side down in a Pyrex.

Back to your can opener and open up the green chili enchilada sauce and pour that baby all over the tortillas. Oh yeah.

Then grab your package of shredded cheese, rip it open and dump almost all of it on top of the enchiladas.  (Reach inside and grab a few bites of what’s left  for yourself, allowing some to fall to the floor for the dog. Did you not read the first part of this post? I’m a pig.)

Put your enchiladas in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until you can no longer watch another second of baseball on t.v. with your boyfriend.

Serve it up instantly (and grab that remote while he’s distracted with the cheesey goodness.) Oh, and if you were planning on taking these to a baby shower fiesta, you’re going to have to make another batch . But that’s ok. More margaritas while you cook, right?

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Brown noser

I spent the majority of yesterday reaching for a tissue -(aha A.P. Style and your brand-specific rules about certain products. I chose not to play!) and/or using a tissue.

This led to a discussion about my nose piercing, which two of the work girls (the newest ones) were unware of. Which then led to the standard question of “if you took your stud out, would snot come out that hole too?” Geez Louise, it’s not akin to a whale blow hole…but….then again…maybe? I don’t know. Not something I’m really planning on trying soon.

On a similar disgusting note, when I woke up this morning, I noticed there was a layer of dirt right below my piercing. Did that get there overnight? How long have I been walking around with nose crud? Am I a dirty person? Ew.

I spent about 10 minutes washing my face/nose this morning.

On further consideration of the subject of noses, I filled Gertie’s Kong with peanut butter last night. (Thanks to roomie’s supply because anyone who knows me knows I am unAmerican in my hatred of peanut butter.) Gertie went nuts. Unfortunately, she chased her Kong under the furniture about a bajillion times requiring me to get off the couch and fetch it for her. Boy, I really have some dustbunny’s going on down there. That dog has me so trained.

This nosey post is brought to you in lieu of what I really wanted to write about but can’t. Sometimes being this public has its downside.

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How I accidentally dressed like a tramp at work

You may be asking yourself, how does one let this happen?

Well let me tell you, it’s not as hard as you would think.

I bought this cute new gray sweater dress at H&M in Chicago.  When I tried it on, I was either wearing dark tights or pants — can’t remember. All I know is I bought it thinking it was a work dress. Anyhow, on the same shopping trip, I also picked up these cute gray lace tights at Urban Outfitters. The color is an exact match. On the hanger/in packaging this outfit looked like a winner.

Last night, I picked out this outfit and ironed the dress. I was running late this morning and the last thing I do before I walk out the door is throw my clothes on. I took a peak in the mirror and low and behold the dress was significantly shorter than I recalled. In fact, paired with the lacey (read: borderline fishnet) tights, it was looking mildly trampy.

Too late now, I thought. It seemed like a good idea to put on my black boots as opposed to the black t-strap pumps I had planned to wear to cut back on the amount of leg that was showing.

One more look in the mirror and I thought, Ok, that’s better.

On the way into work, I caught a reflection of myself in the glass door.

Oh dear.


Try majorly. And the boots weren’t helping. AT ALL.

Ugh…so I spent the remainder of the day holed up in my office trying to avoid any and all contact with the powers above me.

The work girls were super nice and encouraging.

My favorite comment was, “it doesn’t look too much different from how you normally dress.”

(Love you guys!)

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