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A Day In the Life

It was a typical day in Liz Carey’s life.

 She slept until 10. Watched an episode of Degrassi. Drove her Honda Civic  to her retail sales job at noon. Stopped by Target for a late lunch where she grabbed a Caesar salad, queso dip and chips and a hard boiled egg. (Look, we don’t judge these things in Quirkyville.)

Then, she wrapped her workday around 8 p.m. in time to zip down the Westport Flea Market to join her friends and family (lots of them) to watch her brother’s improv comedy troupe, the Stitchtactics perform a 10 p.m. show.

And when she was selected from the audience to have this entire day reenacted in front of the audience, she thought nothing of it.

She honked her little horn when the comedians got her day grossly wrong (No, she didn’t take a shower in bed. Just because she didn’t say the shower was in the bathroom means she literally showered in the bed.)

The team used wigs, props and live people to play innate objects (Liz’s brother, Joe played her Honda Civic.) And it was all very, very funny.

But we weren’t laughing at the skit, as much as we were laughing at what we knew.

Because despite the fact that Liz had been on the phone for the past day, texting and calling people to come see Joe’s show, that’s not why they were there.

They let her think that she invited them. We let her think that we all came to support Joe’s show.

Quite frankly, we were all a little stunned that she honestly believed her parents, her sibblings (both of the two not in the show), their spouses (one 8.5 months pregnant) , their neighborhood friends, her boyfriend’s parents, her boyfriend’s aunt, her best friend and her co-workers all came to show their support for her brother. (At the same time.)

But she did.

As the Day in the Life Skit wrapped up, Liz started to head off stage…

But Joe announced that there was more and he needed her to close her eyes so he could spin her around.

She has probably seen this act a handful of times and no one has ever gotten spun around at the end.

But she didn’t question that either.

Oh, that crazy Joe! He must be up to something new.

When she opened her eyes, she saw this…

And then she made this face (as she quickly slipped off a fashion ring she was wearing that night on that finger.)

She said, “yes!”


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The more the merrier

“Hey, I was at your wedding on Saturday.”

It was Tuesday and I was sitting in a sports bar  (with my husband…woot!) and friends to watch the KU/K-State game.  This factoid was shared by the guy who delivered my grilled chicken sandwich (with swiss cheese and mushrooms…yum.)

My first thought was he must have been someone’s date that I didn’t get around to meeting…

But then Mr. Quirky remembered.

Every wedding has them. Those strangers who wander into your wedding, whether it be playful, voyeuristic or just to drink your booze.

The wedding crashers.

And ours just happened to be holding a delicious grilled chicken sandwich.

“Oh my gosh,” I said after stuffing my face with a fry. “I remember now. Oh, and can I get some ranch dressing too?” (Because any good wedding crasher should provide ranch dressing.)

I did remember. The cute couple who Mr. Quirky found in the lobby at our wedding reception (the venue is attached to a bar that is open to the public.) They had wandered in to peek at the wedding, (Because who wouldn’t want to be at that party? ) and Mr. Quirky invited them to stay and have a beer.

And now, a few days later, the guy is forgetting to bring me my ranch dressing.

Turns out our wedding crasher is a cool dude (ranch dressing forgetfulness aside) who happens to work at a bar that I have been a regular at for years. The bar that introduced the Lunch Bunch.

So, we did what we do. We made a new friend, swapped numbers and hope to hang out soon.

Crash is such a harsh word. I like to think of them as wedding  fans, wedding joiners, wedding strangers who become friends…


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Over the moon

Image copyright 2010 Blue Rue Studio Photography

Well, we did it. We’re now Mr. & Mrs. Quirky.

It was amazing, perfect and quirky from start to finish. And, no. There was no blogging at the wedding. (Maybe a little tweeting…) This picture was conceptualized by our fantastic photographer …more on the photos in a bit…

The day began with me in my in-law’s guest room, with one bed hog of a Gertie dog at my feet, a visiting pug at my head and a cell phone that had been set outside my room playing at top volume “What a Wonderful World.”

The bridesmaids started trickling in for the beauty fest. There was a little bit of grumbling for the early hour.

But hey, I got up and ran before they even got there. I don’t know what they were talking about.

I’m not going to lie.

I had some jitters.

But meanwhile my fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist sprinkled their magic pixi dust on me and turned me into … a bride.

We loaded up the girls into a 10 person big red Mercedes passenger van — Clifford. And off we were to meet my groom.

And at that moment, all the nerves and butterflies left.

He looked spectacular. We looked spectacular.

It was our day.

Time for photos.

Turns out there was a pub crawl going on in the area we planned our first shoot.

We were joined by a motley crew of fellows dressed as fairies in a few of those shots. Meanwhile, everyone kept asking us if we were really a wedding party. We found this very hilarious, as if we would just dress like that on an ordinary Saturday afternoon.

After all the photos were taken, my non-nervous stomach was growling at me. Our photographer and his wife drove Mr. Quirky and myself through a Wendy’s where I inhaled the most delicious chicken nuggets I had ever eaten.

There was some down time after family pics at the church, and then it was W time. The ceremony was beautiful. My brother and his wife played instrumental music on the guitar (him) and violin (her.)  I can’t even really describe taking our vows.  I just kept looking into his eyes and was so happy to be pledging forever to him.

We exited to “Rainbow Connection.” Apparently there was a ripple effect in the church as people slowly began to recognize the tune.

At the reception, we kicked off the celebration with our wedding party by taking a shot (cranberry juice for our pregnant bridesmaid and underage bridesmaid) before being introduced to some music from Star Wars.

And so began the party.

The hot dogs, nachos and pretzels were a hit (and so tasty) as were the sandwiches my mother-in-law made.

But the real star of the show was the cake.

Words don’t do it justice.

Neither do pictures, really. But they help.

I just loved seeing people crowded around it, looking at all the pictures on the film reel.

So much work went into it. And so much love.

The toasts were also very memorable.

DD Girl (Who looked amazing herself, along with all the girls) had everyone in giggles when she shared how Mr. Quirky used to take books to the bar to pick up girls.

And Mr. Quirky’s friend Jimmy wandered up to the microphone holding a

candle from the table centerpieces.

We were all wondering what the candle was for, and how it would play into his toast.

Turns out, it was just a dare from another groomsman that he should randomly bring the candle up and not refer to it at all.

We got a big kick out of it.

Then my new family showed me how much fun they can be.

(As if I didn’t know.)

My brothers in-law were something else.

It was one heck of a party.

But no one could have prepared me for what happened toward the end of the night.

Mr. Quirky’s siblings and cousins were up to something.

Something about revenge on their parents for a Christmas card a few years back.

They marched up to the DJ booth with a plan.

And came out with a big announcement from the DJ.

Suddenly, they were dancing their way on stage.

Something very big was about to happen.

In the most choreographed and to-the-beat motion, the 10 plus family members showed us the moon.

And that folks is how Queen of Quirky was welcomed into the family….

I told them that if I was going to be participating in massive family moonings, I would need a little more warning, a lot less dress and some major time on the eliptical machine at the gym.

They forgave me for not participating. (This time.)

I’m sure I’ll be posting a link to many more pictures for those who want to see later, but here are a few of the ones that were on Facebook today.


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My Quirky Valentines

This Valentine’s Day tablescape is not the setting for a romantic evening for two.

More like a romantic styled evening with 20 of my closest friends to celebrate my pending nuptials.

And like any good date night, the day included a beauty appointment.

DD Girl and I have the same stylist, (great friends with great taste in hair!) so we decided it would be fun for us to share an appointment. It would be fun to catch up and gab while Whitney brightened, trimmed and highlighted our locks.

It’s always good to feel fabulous before an evening on the town and that quirky twosome appointment was just what we both needed.

I went home to get ready for the night and catch up on laundry.

When I arrived, I found the fiance’s best man from Omaha and his wife at our home. The fiance had his own special plans for celebration. (Hint: I have the feeling candy and roses were not on the agenda.)

The more fashionable of the two parties began at my favorite local pizza spot – Waldo Pizza.

My friends pre-ordered a huge bowl of salad and choice of dressings followed by fabulous selection of pizzas for us – including the adventurous but delicious thin St. Louis style crust with spicy red peppers and corn. Come to mama!

Check out the Queen of Quirky bag!

Then, I opened a few gifts (too generous, ladies!) — a great mix of fun, flirty and risque items. Including a pair of cute sleeping shorts with “Not tonight Mr. Quirky” printed on them. Everyone got a kick out of those…everyone except the fiance.

Then, it was time to party on down.

At our second destination, I was treated to a very special guest visit.

One of my favorite bloggers, Erin in the Real World dug herself out from the snowy tundra of D.C. for a trip to K.C.  Lucky me, she made time out of her busy schedule to stop by my party.

By this time everyone was well into the swing of the night.

Justin is a smart man. He doesn't let the title "bachlorette party" deter him from the fun. He even brought his lovely girlfriend to celebrate with us!

I may or may not have been given a shot (or three.)

And let me tell you, the fiance’s mom was well on her way to a good night!

We moved on to a few other locations before DD Girl got a text from the fiance that the boys were all back at our house and wanted us to join them.

So we snagged a few cabs back home.

And reunited with the guys who were…well, playing Rock Band, what else?

The night carried on well into the (not so wee) hours of the morning.

They say today is a day to celebrate love and romance. I can tell you that the Fiance and I are not feeling very romantic at this moment. There has been a lot of moaning and groaning and “I’m never drinking again” claims.

But knowing that our own day of love is in less than two weeks, means I’m quite okay with sitting on the bed, watching wedding (porn) on TV and stuffing my face with the leftover candy from last night, while the Fiance recovers on the couch.

This year, I was lucky to have 20 Valentines. I consider myself loved.

Roomie & DD Girl


Current and former co-workers


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And all the kingdom waits…

Cake reads: "And all the kingdom prepared for a grand wedding" - Cake crafted by future Quirky mother-in-law

For more blog posts from Queen of Quirky. But until then, please enjoy my bridal shower cake. Calorie-free, of course. I just wish I could say the same for the 10 pieces I have enjoyed since Saturday….

Photo on the cake- Fiance and I superimposed into this Star Wars photo, taken at Disney Land.


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Pretty little thing for…

Tracy! Come on down! (er, not sure where?)  You are the winner of this beautiful hair flower. E-mail me your address at queenofquirky at gmail.com and I will send you your red flower hair clip.  Special thanks to Greta’s Pretty Things for providing this lovely accessory as a give-away.

Maybe we’ll show up out at the Brooksider or Hoopers wearing our flowers on the same night. That would be sw-eet!

Bonus points if you wear it during your marathon. (And if you do, we all want pictures!)

The rest of you: I’m working on a new give-away. Details coming soon, but, um…it’s going to be awesome. (Confession: don’t actually have anything to give away, but will find something stat.)


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Runaway Bride

It’s really unfortunate that it came to this.

This was not a post I ever intended to have to write. But really bad things happen when you combine a stressed out bride, Mexican food and cake.

Really bad.

But let’s back up. In fairness to all parties involved, it’s important to share the facts before jumping to conclusions.

The fiance’s mom invited my team captain/maid of honor (DD Girl) and I over to taste samples of wedding cake in order to pick flavors for each layer. DD Girl and I met ahead of time at a nearby Mexican restaurant. We shared a bowl of cheese dip and I had a chile relleno (I clearly can’t make them; I might as well get them where I can.) and some refried beans.

I mean, I knew I was going to be eating cake with butter cream centers, so why even try to be healthy for dinner?

When we got to the fiance’s parents house, his mom was busy fussing around her catering kitchen in the basement. Apparently she had fixed five flavors of cake and mocked up mini designs of her wedding cake concept for us to preview. Apparently she is also amazing, but that’s probably another post.

We visited for a bit and then her neighbor/best friend showed up to help us taste. We were sitting around, drinking champagne and enjoying brainstorming the final touches for the cake when, I felt a very uncomfortable rumble in my stomach.

This is not good. Maybe it will pass in a few. (No pun intended.)

The fiance’s mom brought down plates and forks for each and began cutting into the mini cakes. Beginning with the chocolate, she cut small slices of the rich velvety cake filled with buttery chocolately filling.

The fiance’s dad came down and commented on our little cake party.

There went that stomach thing again.

Ok, ok. I get it. Just calm down. Wait until after the cake tasting.

I bit into the cake. Oh wow, it was rich and yummy and ohmygodI have togonow. Go. go. go.

I jumped up, declared I needed to use the restroom, squeezed past the neighbor and went tearing up the stairs, straight past the fiance’s dad watching TV in the living room to the hallway bathroom. No time for chit chat.

ohgodohgod. Not now!

So this is how it happens. This is how you become a runaway bride. At your own cake tasting.

It was bad. My intestinal track was not happy with my life/food choices and it was letting me know.

I kept trying to go back downstairs, only to return to my spot. My nice little spot. Damn this spot.

In what seemed like an eternity later, I was ready to return to the tasting. I looked in the mirror and saw my red face matched the humiliation.

Maybe no one will notice how long I’ve been gone. I’m sure it wasn’t long. I was just self-conscious because the fiance’s mom did all this work and I was in the bathroom, of all places.

I began my descent down the stairs and I heard DD Girl, go, “Man! Are you ok? We were worried about you.”

Yeah, they noticed.

I looked at everyone’s mostly eaten plate and my plate with every flavor untouched but the chocolate.

Mortified, I explained my poor dinner choice combined with wedding and other life stressors had led to my quick departure.

But, that I was feeling much better and ready to get the show on the road.

Um, the show was over, but they humored me. 

And then the fiance’s mom started telling hilarious bathroom stories from her recent visit to his grandmother’s retirement community for a dinner show.  And all was right and well with the world again. Because it’s ok to run away for a bit. As long as you come back to laugh about it.


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