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My Quirky Valentines

This Valentine’s Day tablescape is not the setting for a romantic evening for two.

More like a romantic styled evening with 20 of my closest friends to celebrate my pending nuptials.

And like any good date night, the day included a beauty appointment.

DD Girl and I have the same stylist, (great friends with great taste in hair!) so we decided it would be fun for us to share an appointment. It would be fun to catch up and gab while Whitney brightened, trimmed and highlighted our locks.

It’s always good to feel fabulous before an evening on the town and that quirky twosome appointment was just what we both needed.

I went home to get ready for the night and catch up on laundry.

When I arrived, I found the fiance’s best man from Omaha and his wife at our home. The fiance had his own special plans for celebration. (Hint: I have the feeling candy and roses were not on the agenda.)

The more fashionable of the two parties began at my favorite local pizza spot – Waldo Pizza.

My friends pre-ordered a huge bowl of salad and choice of dressings followed by fabulous selection of pizzas for us – including the adventurous but delicious thin St. Louis style crust with spicy red peppers and corn. Come to mama!

Check out the Queen of Quirky bag!

Then, I opened a few gifts (too generous, ladies!) — a great mix of fun, flirty and risque items. Including a pair of cute sleeping shorts with “Not tonight Mr. Quirky” printed on them. Everyone got a kick out of those…everyone except the fiance.

Then, it was time to party on down.

At our second destination, I was treated to a very special guest visit.

One of my favorite bloggers, Erin in the Real World dug herself out from the snowy tundra of D.C. for a trip to K.C.  Lucky me, she made time out of her busy schedule to stop by my party.

By this time everyone was well into the swing of the night.

Justin is a smart man. He doesn't let the title "bachlorette party" deter him from the fun. He even brought his lovely girlfriend to celebrate with us!

I may or may not have been given a shot (or three.)

And let me tell you, the fiance’s mom was well on her way to a good night!

We moved on to a few other locations before DD Girl got a text from the fiance that the boys were all back at our house and wanted us to join them.

So we snagged a few cabs back home.

And reunited with the guys who were…well, playing Rock Band, what else?

The night carried on well into the (not so wee) hours of the morning.

They say today is a day to celebrate love and romance. I can tell you that the Fiance and I are not feeling very romantic at this moment. There has been a lot of moaning and groaning and “I’m never drinking again” claims.

But knowing that our own day of love is in less than two weeks, means I’m quite okay with sitting on the bed, watching wedding (porn) on TV and stuffing my face with the leftover candy from last night, while the Fiance recovers on the couch.

This year, I was lucky to have 20 Valentines. I consider myself loved.

Roomie & DD Girl


Current and former co-workers


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Pretty little thing for my pretties (Giveaway)

Isn’t this flower hair clip perty? It’s red velvet orchid flowers on an alligator hair clip. (Not the kind that will eat you.)

It was made just for me by request. Because I’m special.

I paid for it and it is on my way and it might just make an appearance in my hair on February 27…

Dontcha wish you had one too? Imagine the places you could wear it:

  • To work. 
  • To the gym (hey, don’t judge. Sometimes it takes a little something pretty to motivate us gals.)
  • On a date.
  • To a meeting
  • To my wedding (to match me?)
  • To your wedding (like me)
  • To get coffee
  • On Valentine’s Day
  • In your garden to make the other flowers jealous
  • In your boudoir photo shoot

Oh, the possibilities are endless. You might wear it everyday.

If you had one.

Lucky for you.

I’m giving one away.

Greta of Greta’s Pretty Little Things made one extra clip for one of my lucky readers. Now isn’t she just as sweet as pie?

You should check out her etsy store. It’s got lots of pretty little things.  You should pick out what your favorite thing is (Don’t be shy. It’s ok to like the pasties.) and then you should leave a comment telling me which item was your favorite. You should also mention the places you would wear the flower hair clip.

Then, on January 26, I will randomly pick one of you to win the clip! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because Greta and I are nice like that.


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