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Quirkyville Quips: Lizard people

The scene: We are watching V, ABC’s remake of a popular science fiction mini-series where lizard-like aliens disguised as humans visit our planet. (The remake is a full series, not a mini-series.)

Fiance: (Arbitrarily to the television) What part of “don’t trust anyone” did he not understand!?

Me: If aliens came to our planet, would you trust me?

Fiance: No. You couldn’t trust anyone.

Me: But what if I was one of the nice aliens who just wanted to be peaceful and marry a human?

Fiance: How would I know that? In that situation, you really wouldn’t be able to trust anyone.

Me: But that would mean that I am a lizard now.

Fiance: Are you saying you are a lizard?

Me: No, but in the hypothetical lizards-take-over-the-world-future, I want you to be able to trust me.

Fiance: Well, I don’t think I would trust you. But it probably wouldn’t matter because we aren’t important enough that we would have the information that the aliens are dangerous, so maybe I would.

(Fiance wanders into the kitchen. Clearly he is not as phased in this potential wrinkle to our future marriage as I am…)

Me: (Shouting into the kitchen) Maybe we should include something about the lizard invasion in our vows, that way you will trust me….

Fiance: Sticks his face back into the living room and rolls his eyes.

Me: What? I’m serious.


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When a girl throwing t-shirts lets you know you aren’t that smart

Or, you try out for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and #fail.

That’s right kids. The fiance and I drug ourselves out of bed this morning to live the dream.

That is if the dream is being squished between 300 people, taking a scan-tron quiz and witnessing some of the worst impressions known to man – all before 7 a.m.

Why would we do this to ourselves? Well, we heard they were looking for engaged couples for Wedding Week in November, and well, it seemed like fun.

We arrived at the casino location of try-outs to see that people just don’t follow the rules very well. It SAID you weren’t supposed to line up prior to 6 a.m., but reports were people lined up as early as 4 a.m.

Also, casinos at 6 a.m. in Kansas City? Not so cool.

Then we followed the cattle coral into the big auditorium where we were “entertained” by a gal from NYC throwing t-shirts at people who could stand up and do impressions of people, characters or (yikes) animals. It was painful to watch. (Dude. Your Sponge Bob Square Pants little diddy? I’d drop it.)

45 minutes later, we did not make the cut. It was a bummer too, because I was wearing this cute little strawberry dress and red cardigan. We so would have gotten in on fashion, had the producers just taken the time to meet us.


Next time I’m trying out for something that doesn’t require a scan-tron test.

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The event in which I walk up to a table full of strangers and say, “Are you KC Bloggers?”

Eh, they looked like bloggers.

<snort.> What do bloggers look like?

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of KC’s bloggers face-to-face. Who says Web geeks are not social?

And, I think we have already established that I’m not shy.

In other news, my post on Jon and Kate has created a little mini-buzz, both here and on Facebook. As a journalist it was drilled into me that if you don’t get any criticisms, you aren’t doing your job right! So I welcome the debate.

For those not on my Facebook page, one reader found the criticism of Kate was too much and that more emphasis needed to be on Jon for the alleged cheating.

Here’s what I had to say:

I wholeheartedly agree that cheating is bad, (I too was cheated on by my ex-husband.) BUT even in my own situation, I have to look at my own actions and say what would have led him down that path?

Additionally, there were other factors involved in my situation, but the point I’m getting at is that when someone cheats, there is often a good reason and if a partner treats another partner bad enough the relationship will get to that point.

I would do myself a dis-service by placing all blame on the other person and not working on myself to be better. Kate too has to take responsibility for her own actions in the relationship.

I think the reason people are being more critical of her is because she has been so mean to Jon on the show. We didn’t watch Jon cheat, so we haven’t seen that side of him.

Ok, so like four people commented on my thoughts on Jon and Kate and I called it a mini-buzz.  That makes me giggle at my own self-importance.

Anywho, you gotta work what you’ve got.  




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Yes. I went there.

I shouldn’t be left alone with my DVR for very long.

I just watched last night’s season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

Annnnnd for the 2 people who are still reading this….

It’s been interesting watching demise of their marriage play out. First on their show (Oh, come on. It’s not like we were super surprised that Jon would go elsewhere to find affection and attention after we saw how Kate treated him*.) and then in the tabloids.

But regardless of how self-promotional and media whorish they have been in the past, divorce sucks. I can’t imagine if I’d had cameras in my face when I was going through my separation. Good gracious, I was a hot mess. (Picture: a bottle of wine in one hand, a pile of tissues on the couch next to me, both dogs in my lap and a constant stream of texts to anyone who would listen.) 

I also didn’t have eight kids to tote around. It was pretty easy to ship the dogs off to doggy day care in my time of crisis. 

Couple all that with paparazzi chasing you, tabloid rumors and a celebrity-like image to hold together….woah. I just had a Facebook profile and twitter account to hold together. 

But like many others out there, I watched the show. Ouch. I don’t know how much worse it can get. 

*Ok, and I know Kate has been really, really hard to watch on that show. As someone who has a critical side, I watch her and cringe. She is everything I don’t want to be. And she’s everything I turned into when my own marriage fell apart. A critical, loathing, hateful, nagging creature. And maybe I had very good reason to be all those things, but I hated myself for it.

No, we don’t know the whole story. No one does. They never will. Anyone who tells you they have the entire story of their divorce is full of it. Because trust me. There are 5 sides to every tale. But what we do know is that there is a family in pain, trying to fake it for national television. There are eight beautiful children who will hurt and then later will watch their pain unfold on old reruns of a reality TV show.  

And I just DVR’d it.


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Watch it.

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