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What happens in Vegas, gets shared on this blog


A play land for adults.

And these two like to have a lot of fun.

Let’s rehash, shall we?

Note: some things do/should stay in Vegas and will not be shared.

There was a lot of dining going on. Because we like to dine. And Vegas has restaurants.

And we like Vegas for that reason. But even Vegas needs to learn its limits….

These nachos were out of control.

I wanted to hug them, inhale them, get them out of my face and never see them again. In that order.

(Source of obnoxious yet delicious nachos: Blondies Sports Bar, the Mile High Shops.)

Also, I have to call Mr. Quirky out for wincing at the spicy level of his bloody mary.

Silly boy. ūüôā

Anywho, when we weren’t eating, we were gambling.

Not anything too obnoxious, just a little fun.

Or a BIG little fun.

For the entire series of the giant lever pull, check out this slide show.

And when we weren’t gambling, we were cocktailing.

Ok, so maybe we did some of that while gambling.

We found this ice bar in Mandalay Bay. Instead of paying to freeze, we paid for a vodka shot in a frozen shot glass.

That’s always fun.

You know what seemed like a good idea after that shot?

<==== (the roller coaster.)


And after that, I couldn’t resist doing this.

Then we returned to the scene of the crime.

The exact spot Mr Quirky asked me to marry him.

No one asked me to marry them this time, but a guy did try to sell us bottled water. I guess when you are married, you just get water.

After a full night of walking the strip, our evening was completed by making new friends at the bar at our hotel.

They were much cooler than the guy (forever here out dubbed “That Guy”) we met our first night at Paris.

He had been to the Anthony Cools hypnotism show.  That Guy walked up to where we were throwing money away, I mean playing video poker.

He told us the show was vulgar & filthy. (And we both kind of wanted to see it after that.) And then he walked away mid-sentence, leaving his ticket next to Mr. Quirky.

The next day, we were minding our own business in the casino at The Flamingo (where we stayed) and suddenly, Mr. Quirky goes, “there’s That Guy!”

I’m not going to lie.

We chased him through the casino in an effort to snap a picture of him.

He hopped on the escalator and I followed him. Mr. Quirky ran down the stairs to get to the bottom before we did and shoot this picture.

In a perfect universe, we’d see him over and over again and take random pictures of us with him in the background.

But alas, the world isn’t perfect and we never saw him again.

Maybe next time, Vegas.


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Queen of Quirky: not the coolest kid at the Vegas pool scene

You can take the Queen out of Kansas City, but you can’t take the Quirky out of the Queen.

Even when I try to be kind of cool, I fail.

Take my first day in Vegas.  It was 3 p.m. and I decided to hit the pool with my laptop and work for a while. I had heard the Hard Rock Hotel had a happening pool.

But if you are the QoQ, you can’t just “show up at the pool and wait for the magic to happen.” You have to prepare for these kinds of things. Namely sun.

So there I was, lugging around my laptop bag (a pool accessory not likely to show up on the Glamor Magazine “Do List.” ) which I had stuffed with my bag o’ sunscreen, room key, iphone and work papers.

My bag o’ sunscreen contains SPF 30, SPF 55 (age correction) SPF 20 chapstick,¬† SPF 30 oil free face and an assortment of rubber bands. It is super awesome.¬† Because nothing looks sexier than thick white sunscreen that barely soaks into your skin because it’s so dense.

Luckily, it was a weekday so there were a few spots. I pulled up a chair and went to work…

slathering on my oodles of sunscreen.

But then I realized that I had found a seat in the shade. Seeing as I had gone to all that effort to slather on sunscreen, I decided to move.

I found a nice spot in close enough proximity to dip my toes in the water while keeping an eye on my stuff.

I sat down and felt the chair give.

A lot more than it should.

Good grief. Four days off the Weight Watchers and I’m already breaking chairs? (I heard that WW was illegal in Vegas, so decided not to take my chances getting caught on a diet in the city of sin…)

Turns out the chair was already ripped. (And if you don’t believe that, please keep your opinions to yourself. )

After a short while I realized the pool crowd was starting to shift. The 20’s group had had enough sun and was going upstairs to do whatever it is they do before they do whatever cool things in the night. The 30’s plus crowd was starting to¬† show up.

A nice couple sat down next to me. I was immediately endeared to the wife who said she envisioned after 30 minutes in the sun, she would be tan and skinny for dinner. Because isn’t that what happens at the pool?

I loved that philosophy. (And may steal it later.)

We laughed about my chair. And my bag ‘o sunscreen. And we discussed food.

Oh how we love food.

Food can make  two strangers the closest of friends in an instant. Speaking of new friends, my new friends gave me the most marvelous tip. RM Seafood at the Mandalay Place inside Mandalay Bay.  You know, Rick Moonen from Top Chef Masters?!

I totally spaced that his restaurant is in Vegas, so I was stoked to hear that it was not only there, but that it was highly recommended by my new fellow foodies.

And that, my friends, is how not to do the Las Vegas pool scene.  But, it is how to meet cool people and find fantastic food.

Look for more about Vegas in the coming days…

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Blogger (back) in the city

I love the city. Any city.

This past weekend, I had a chance to romp through one of America’s all time cities – NYC.

My lovely hostess (who is getting ready to announce one of the most exciting blogging projects ever) showed me a wonderful time.

And I left with so much more yet to see and experience. (Thank goodness Blogher will have me back in August!)

But my work conference was over and there was a snow storm on its way. I felt like I had been gone for ages. (In reality, four days.)

So, I hopped on a flight back to K.C. by way of Milwaukee. (Down side: two flights. Upside: Midwest , so that meant four free cookies!) As I was walking to my gate, a Midwest agent said, “Are you going to Kansas City?”

I said yes. And she told me she had been paging me. Wow, I had no idea! And then she asked if I was Pinnell party of two. Sadly, I was Queen of Quirky party of one. And that was a direct flight to Kansas City that I was not scheduled to be on. Drat. With the weather coming in, a direct flight was sounding mighty fine, even if it meant only two cookies.

Three hours later, after an hour of circling over Milwaukee with crazy falling snow illuminated in the flashes of light from the wings of the plane, I was really regretting not being Pinnell party of two.  The captain was keeping us updated on the Milwaukee airport which was closed to remove snow from the runway.

Um, folks, we’re going to circle until we can circle no more.

We landed in Madison to refuel, and much to the detriment of my (very attractive “Jonathan Antinesque” hairstylist) seatmate, as it was his final destination, yet he could not deboard the plane.

By the time we finally touched down in Milwaukee, I figured my KC flight was a gonner. Visions of  me curling up on an airport bench overnight haunted me. When I exited the plane, I asked the agent to show me where to go to book another flight to Kansas City.

She told me the flight was next door.

What? You mean it’s still here?! (It was more than three hours after the flight was scheduled to leave.)

Yes, in fact it was.  Because as luck would have it, the  flight crew from my flight was the flight crew for the Kansas City flight.

I almost skipped to the gate, until I saw the half-asleep, dagger shooting eyes of those poor folks who had been waiting for my flight. Yeah, that probably sucked for them.

But let me tell you, flying over Milwaukee, up and down, attempting to land was no picnic!

By 3 a.m. I had never been so glad to be back in my city with my man and my dog.


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Geeking out at the Market

Warning: this video is not for the easily-made-dizzy types. I have a long way to go in video footage/post-production skills. But the rest of you can enjoy my ultimate foodie geek out…


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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I have to apologize. I didn’t tell you the entire truth about my time off last week.¬†¬†But it was for good reasons…

See, I had a little surprise up my sleeves.

The other Stephanie (see the Cast of Characters at the top to read more about her.) is turning 30 this year (youngin’!) and her husband planned a fabulous surprise for her in…


She knew she was going with him, but she had no idea that her three best girlfriends would be there.

Do you know how hard it was to not tweet, blog or Facebook status post that I was freaking going to VEGAS with my boyfriend to see one of my best girlfriends?!

Luckily no one slipped up. And she was genuinely¬†¬†surprised when on her first night in Vegas (Thursday) the boyfriend and I walked up and said hi to her in a bar, followed by her college roomie and her man. (She hadn’t seen Shannon in EIGHT years!)

Then, the next day at the pool, her OTHER friend Stephanie (that’s three. three Stephanies in Vegas.) and her husband showed up just in time for fruity drinks.

What a weekend! Poolin’, drinkin’, gamblin’ and eatin’. It was perfect. I can’t think of a better group to hang out with.¬†

[Edited to add picture of all the girls courtesy of Stephanie #3]

Vegas girls

Once everyone arrived and we convinced Stephanie that there would be no more friends popping up out of nowhere, we spent time gabbing and catching up. It was fun getting to know Shannon and catching up with Stephanie #3 I had met her once before.

Stephanie’s husband had made a reservation for all of us at Mesa Grill Friday night. It was a-mazing. We were all passing food around the table and raving about everything.¬†

Saturday Stephanie and I went shopping and then we hit the pool.


StephaniesShannon and her man had to leave early, so that left just the three Stephanies. We enjoyed sushi and a Penn & Teller show that night.

[Edited to add a picture of the Stephanies. We are counting ourselves to make sure you aren’t confused.]

I’m so happy that Stephanie was surprised in Vegas and that I could be in on it.¬†But it turns out the surprise was on me…

(To be continued.)

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On Fire

Editor’s Note – this was written on the plane ride home, but I am just now getting around to posting it.

Wow. I’m lame. I told you about the first day of travel and then I just left you. In Fayetteville, N.C. of all places. Terribly sorry about that.

  When we got to Myrtle Beach things got really hot. 

 But not in a Paris Hilton kind of way.

 Myrtle Beach was on fire.  

 By Saturday evening, I too was on fire. Well, that’s exaggerating. But I felt like I was.

 Yes, I wore sunscreen. But apparently I missed some places. Lots of places. Or, my skin was just trying to tell me that a red head with freckles has no business out in the sun for seven hours drinking margaritas with new friends.

 There I was, slathering on the SPF like it was going out of style. And I was telling all the normal skinned people how much they were going to regret it that they weren’t being as diligent as I was about the sunscreen.

 They were going to regret it all right.

 They really regretted my sunburn when fun, loveable beach Stephanie turned into cranky, sunburned Stephanie. I was a Stephanini.

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I owe you a whole mess of posts, but this is great and probably won’t be up for long, so click my picture to listen to my on air re-debut.


More to come…


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