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Every post begins with me

Or Justin. Who found this video which actually says what I was trying to say here, but way more awesome.

Thanks, Justin.

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No. Be that guy!

My friend, Mike posted a FB status today that prompted this blog post.

Mike has the tendency to want to throw things at the tv when jewelry store commercials come on

Well, I’m not sure what Mike’s beef is with jewelry store commercials, but here’s mine.

Actions speak louder than sparkly gifts.

This is particularly related to a series of Helzberg commercials that promote buying your significant other something shiny in lieu of doing something nice for her.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like nice things that sparkle. My favorite (at the moment) red fuzzy gloves used to have bedazzled gems on them until they started flaking off.

(Oh great, now I’m going to get all sorts of traffic from people searching for a Bedazzler. It’s not here. I promise!)

I¬†always wear a very pretty (in my humble opinion) antique-style diamond ring that came from my Uncle’s family jewelry store. And obviously jewelry-selling is in my family. So, I’m not out to dish on it.

There is a place for tasteful, sparkly jewelry given from the heart to someone you love.

But not as an alternative to doing nice things for that person.

For example, would a guy rather have his signficant other cook him a nice meal and tend to him when he’s sick or not do either of those things and buy him the latest, coolest game console?

Don’t answer that if you don’t think I’ll like your answer, by the way.


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