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Hi you. I can see what you are doing via my stat tracker.

No, don’t worry, I’m not monitoring your every move via IP address — I don’t even know your IP address. Basically I can just tell how many people come here every day and how many people view any given post.

I can also tell which Google searches landed people to good ‘ole http://www.queenofquirky.com . Most popular searches have included:

hot neighbor

Chookah (my rain boots)

quirky dating (Man, that would have been a good sub-name for this site.)

Justin Stephanie (one of my favorite searches!)

So here’s the deal. You know a lot about me. I know very little about you. Shall we even the playing field? How about a poll?! (Actually, this entire post was because I found the new polling feature on Word Press and I wanted to try it.)

Ready. Go

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