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Sex & the City Guide for the non-fan

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE DD Girl? Like Love. She is my own Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha rolled into one fabulous friend. If I’ve lost you there, then you’ve come to the right blog. 

Image courtesy of Filmofilia.com


See, DD Girl took me last night to see the movie. Which isn’t a huge gesture until you realize she is not a fan of the show. She has never seen a single episode or the first movie. 

So, I, being the good friend that I am, put together a cheat sheet, if you will, of  these strange, fashion-obsessed women that she would be spending two hours with on the Big Screen.  I figured there are a lot of non-fans who would be dragged into this movie for various reasons, so I’m sharing my synopsis with you. (You are welcome.) 

I want you to know in doing this, I do not support the second movie as a good film. In fact, I did not care for it much. But, even knowing it was probably going to be an embarrassment to my intelligence, I still had to go see it. Because I’m a fan. And that’s what fans do. We also drag non-fans into our stupidity. It makes us feel better about the thing. 

So, here you go…. 

Carrie Bradshaw is the main character. She writes a column about dating and relationships. She loves shoes. Her BFF’s are Charlotte –a conservative, but sweet loyal friend with very traditional values. Miranda- an uptight lawyer who is always the first Carrie turns to in a crisis  and Samantha – a wild somewhat slutty woman who knows what she wants and has no inhibitions. 

 TV Show: 

The show started when the women were in their 30’s. They all saw different relationships. Carrie dated a lot, but no matter who she dated, she could never shake her attraction to Mr. Big, an older somewhat unavailable man with lots of money. 

 Charlotte tried to get married throughout the show, failed at marriage once but later found the love of her life, Harry, who adored her. She had to become Jewish to marry him, but she did it for love. 

 Miranda had an on and off fling with a guy named Steve –a man who was far less professional and educated than she was. (It bugs her.) She became pregnant, broke up with Steve but kept the baby. She gave a good go at being a single mom. She later realized Steve was the love of her life and married him. 

 I probably can’t write a lot about Samantha on this PG-rated blog, but just know she has fun and hardly commits. At the tail end of the show, she met a younger model named Smith and fell madly in love with him. He supported her through her bought with breast cancer (which she survived.) 

 The TV Show ends with all the women in their early 40’s. Carrie is dating an eccentric Russian artist who wants her to move to Paris with him. Charlotte is suffering from infertility and desperately wants a baby. She has already adopted a little girl from Asia, but then she gets pregnant! It’s a big deal.  Samantha is treating her cancer. Miranda and Steve are married and have decided to move to Brooklyn with their young child. Carrie decides to sell her NY apartment (which she LOVES) and move to Paris for this guy. 

All the girls are sad. But wait. Carrie moves to Paris. And guess who comes chasing after her? Mr. Big! In one giant romantic gesture, Mr. Big shows up in Paris and sweeps Carrie away from crazy Russian artist and we think they are going to live happily ever after with lots of shoes. 

 And then came the first movie: 

 Carrie and Big are looking for a new condo and Mr. Big proposes to Carrie with a pair of expensive shoes. He promises to make her a great big closet for all of her shoes. (Just get that shoes are almost a character in this series.) Mr. Big never thought he’d get married again (Carrie would be his 3rd wife.) So they are planning their wedding which is great, big and ridiculous. 

 But Miranda finds out that Steve had an affair and she’s really bitter. She’s moved out and deciding whether or not to divorce him. At the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, Miranda makes a comment about marriage that puts doubts in Big’s head. 

So there is Carrie in her bigger than life wedding fashion, ready to marry the man of her dreams and….Mr. Big stands her up. There is a dramatic scene where she screams at him in the streets of NY. It involves feathers. It is ugly. I may have cried. 

Then, the girls whisk Carrie away on her honeymoon to Mexico to get her out of the city and help heal her. Charlotte is paranoid that eating or drinking ANYTHING in Mexico will give her the runs, so she sticks with her pudding snacks she brought with her, even though they are at a 5 star resort. 

 But Carrie sleeps for days and the girls are worried. Finally, Carrie comes out from her room. Which is good timing because soon, Charlotte has a poo in her pants because she accidentally drank some of the shower water. This comedic moment breaks the ice and now Carrie is back with the living.  Also, Miranda really needed to shave or wax and Samantha calls her out on it – very funny. 

 They go back to NY. Carrie hires an assistant (Jennifer Hudson) who helps her put her life back together. Miranda is working on her relationship with Steve and is hiding the secret that she never told Carrie – she is the one that put doubts in Mr. Big’s head. 

 Mr. Big keeps sending Carrie e-mails, but she has asked her assistant to delete anything ever from Big, so she never reads them.  Miranda confesses to Carrie. Carrie hates Miranda for a while, but they make up. She and Steve continue to see a marriage counselor who says she needs to make a decision about divorce. So they set a time and date. If they both show up on the Brooklyn Bridge, they are going to give their marriage a second chance. And yes, they both show up. 

 Samantha decides that she needs to break up with Smith and return to her old ways of being Samantha. Charlotte is raising her baby and the Asian little girl she adopted, Lily. (She’s adorable and calls all the other girls her aunts.) 

 On the day Carrie and Big are supposed to close on selling the condo they had already bought, Carrie decides to go to the condo for one last look at it. She walks into her big closet that Big built her and sees the shoes he proposed with. She picks them up and turns around and there he is! She takes him back. They get married at the courthouse and we think NOW they will live happily ever after. 

 But wait…there’s a second movie. And now you are stuck going to it. Good luck with that. 


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Return of the Nerds Rifftrax Night

A typical Friday night in our house goes one of two ways: 1. Fiance and myself  and a movie/catching up on DVR shows. 2. Our closest friends and a selection of board games/Rock Band.

We mixed it up this past Friday by hosting a viewing of the Rifftrax of Return of the Jedi. Now if I’ve already lost you, don’t worry. I can explain. Rifftrax is the name of the activity where one downloads an audiofile of comedians Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett (formerly of Mystery Science Theatre) making fun of a movie. Then, you play the audiofile on your Ipod while watching the movie.

It’s usually really funny. And the Return of the Jedi riff was no exception. After the movie, more hilarity ensued.

Like when nerds aided by brewsky became rock stars.

Or, tried to demonstrate the size of their abnormally large, smart? heads with my Rawandan basket.

But anyhow, that’s just par for the course in my life. These guys are fantastic. And I’m proud to call them my friends.

They fit into our Quirkyville quite nicely.

So does she.

Look at that hot stuff, right there!

What I love most about this picture is that her boyfriend was begging me to take it because he thought she looked cute. (I agree.)

But unlike DD Girl, I didn’t get my sing on Friday night.

Image courtesy of costumestudy.wordpress.com

Nope. I was too busy wondering how I could get my mom to come and do my hair like this like she did when I was 7…


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Date night!

I asked Roomie out on a date to go see the very sappy girly movie Dear John with me.

I asked her on Facebook, adding that DD Girl would be welcome to join us, as long as she could hold her barf.

After watching the trailer Roomie admitted that this movie might be over-the-top for even her romantic movie loving self. 

I think it will be fun. Like indulging in too many Sweet Tarts and giving yourself a simultaneous headache and tummy-ache.

Because I think a sappy, girly movie is just what the doctor ordered for this dreary winter we seem to be having.

What sort of sweet treats do you enjoy to cure the winter blues?


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Flash Flood Warning

There are certain movies that I shouldn’t be allowed to watch. Ever.

Along with certain Hallmark commercials and that STUPID Folgers commercial during the holidays where the soldier comes home and surprises his family by making coffee. Drat. That one gets me every time.

These cinematic dramas render me to a blubbering mess.

I like to consider myself a pretty emotionally stable humanbeing. But like a spring storm in Kansas (Thank you Gary Lezak), the right conditions might cause a sudden downpour.

 Last night it was dumplings, a glass of wine and The Reader.

We’re not talking crying. We are talking, hiccuping sobs followed by honky honky nose blows. Poor Gertie. I think she thought her mom was getting divorced all over again.

No. (honk) Gertie. Mommy’s okay (honk, sniff). It’s (honk) just a movie.

If I were still living with Stephanie, she’d say I was never allowed to watch that movie again. (A rule she had to implement more than once during our tenancy.)

So check that one off the rewatch list. Sorry, babe. You’re on your own for that one.

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Kung Fu Dumplings

After watching Kung Fu Panda, one thing was clear – I had to have dumplings. Unfortunately, it was Sunday night, and I had already devoured a bowl of broccoli and some rice for dinner — Hey, I’m a single gal. I eat strange. (not to mention the popcorn the boyfriend and I shared during the movie watched on his fabulous new TV!)

That could only mean one thing.

Dumplings for dinner Monday night.

Only I had no idea how to make a dumpling. Oh, sure, I knew where to order them. But that would be too easy. And if I learned anything from my buddy, Po, if you believe it, you can be it.

So here is Queen of Quirky’s guide to making fabulous dumplings:

Step One: Text boyfriend and let him know dumplings and sake will be served at 8 p.m. at your place. (One must have a partner in crime for this culinary exhibition.)

Step Two: Google “pan fried dumplings” and read about 35 different recipes. Write down ingredients you think would be tasty in said dumplings.

Step Three: Read 15 or so culinary blogs on how to pan fry dumplings. Self-doubt your ability to “add 2/3 cup of water to two tablespoons of sizzling canola oil.” Especially in light of your previous experience with said oil.

Step Four: Pick up dog food after work. (oh wait, has nothing to do with dumplings, but hey, dog can’t go hungry while you are feasting on yummy dumplings, can she?)

Step Five: Visit three grocery stores to find the following ingredients: Ground chickenturkey (you can’t find any chicken, so improvise with turkey), won ton wrappers, nappa cabbage, shitake mushrooms (three), canola oil (duh, you spilled the last batch), sesame oil, water chestnuts and green onions.

Step Six: Go to liquor store to buy sake.

Step Seven: Go to World Market to pick up chop sticks, and sake cups.

Step Eight: Let dog out.

Step Nine: Run 3 miles on treadmill. (Hey, pan fried dumplings aren’t exactly low-fat.)

Step 10: Dice up all bought ingredients (while wiping sweat off your face, and keeping sweat out of bowl) in addition to four cloves of fresh garlic (you have that), a table spoon of soy sauce and add a splash of sake and sesame oil to the mixture.

Step 11: Put the boyfriend on sake duty and tell him not to let you get empty from this point on. After all, you are about to mix oil and water on a hot stove. Sake is necessary.

Step 12: Attempt to fold the little buggers into the triangle with two pleats, as described in every recipe and blog you read.

Step 13: After about the fifth dumpling, finally succeed at this task. Try to cover up the goofy looking dumplings with better looking ones.

Step 14: Look for fire extinguisher.

Step 15: Can’t find the fire extinguisher, so carry on. Drink more sake.

Step 16: Start frying those babies up.

Step 17: Be surprised at your own success. (Kind of like Po!)

Step 18: Serve sizzling hot plate of dumplings with bowl of dipping sauce to boyfriend and relish in your victory.


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A whole lotta nothin’ = a perfect 10

Racking my brain for something clever, funny, embarrassing even, to tell you.

I got nothing.

So you get a weekend recap.

Friday night: Joined my former colleagues for a good-bye happy hour to a gal who has a new and exciting job opportunity. It was great to see old friends. Then, headed over to the boyfriends’ house to grill out with newish friends.

Saturday: Bummed around, caught up on my DVR list. (Yes, 90210 is on the list. Got a problem with that?!) Then, headed out to run some errands and visited the boyfriend at a tournament for his card game. I even sat down with someone and learned to play the game. Ok, by “learned to play,” I mean there was a lot of nodding and not understanding going on. But it was interesting.  That evening, we went to go see Rachel Getting Married, which was fabulous.

Sunday: Headed over to Johnny’s for lunch and to read the Sunday paper and watch the noon football game. Then we went back to my place and the boyfriend watched the rest of the noon game while I napped. After the 3 p.m. Chief’s game (which I knitted through), we went to Muddy’s for coffee, knitting and crossword puzzling. (Note: I was knitting, the boyfriend was puzzling. I only lended a few answers, most of which had to do with fashion.) We concluded our evening with grilled cheese sammys and tomato soup. I give Sunday a perfect 10.

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