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A wedding in review

Molly's WeddingTons to report from the weekend. Namely, Molly’s wedding was fantastic. I’ll be giving a full report on that tomorrow over at Tweet My Wedding

The American Royal event was busy and chaotic, but we entertained hundreds of guests with some great food from five  talented chefs.

After Molly’s wedding, we realized we still had time to make it over to Knuckleheads for The Red Elvises concert . It is an outside venue, so we stopped home really fast so I could throw on a pair of tights and a ridiculous looking sweater (Ridiculous in how it paired with my cocktail dress. Not normally ridiculous.) Why I didn’t just put on jeans and a sweater is beyond me. It made sense at the time?

Amy and Steve were already at the concert keeping our seats warm. Oh who am I kidding? I’d had enough wine at the wedding that there was no way I was sitting down. I was a dancing queen. On the way back to our house, the stress of the week/day plus wine caught up with me and I had a major melt down. Poor fiance. 

It was time for Taco Bell and bed. I hadn’t done a run for the border after a night of drinking in YEARS.  I couldn’t even remember what I liked to order. I mean, I knew it was something highly caloric that I wouldn’t  even consider consuming during the day.  “It’s one of those wraps that is crunchy. No meat.” ???



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Molly’s Party — A Photo Journey

Hot buns!

Hot buns!

Adam & Stephanie at Molly's
Ah, Engagment bliss.
I'm fumbling through a toast I DID NOT prepare for. Later, I thought of about 1,000 ways I could have been funnier, more interesting and more heartfelt. Drat.

I'm fumbling through a toast I DID NOT prepare for. Later, I thought of about 1,000 ways I could have been funnier, more interesting and more heartfelt. Drat.

Someone else's toast was funnier than mine.

Someone else's toast was funnier than mine.


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I spazzed a little

When I was at Molly’s engagement/couples’ wedding shower party (we never could decide exactly what we were doing), and I started talking about my blog and a dude turns around and says, “Do you know the blogger Erin in the Real World?

Um. Yeah!

It’s such a small world. Turns out, dude is one of her brothers and is friends with Molly from waaaaaaaaay back.

Overall, it was an awesome party. Molly’s brother returned her old (huge!) poster of Bruce Springstein’s butt. Apparently, it circulated through Molly’s family when different sibblings went to college. I think Molly was more excited about Springstein’s butt than she was about the awesome barware and kitchen stuff she got from friends. Her fiance looked a little horrified at the large jean adorned cheeks that would more likely be living somewhere in their new home.

Sadly, Kristin did not live up to her infamous drunken toast she gave at Molly and her twin’s 30th birthday party a few years ago. We were all really hoping to hear volume II of “I loooove these girls.”

Well, there’s always the wedding…


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My peeps

I love my peeps. And you should too. (Not in a weird cyberstalker way, but in a wow, QQ has great peeps and I want to read about them way.)

Lately, I’ve become accutely aware of how much my friendship with DD Girl means to me. She is a friend I inherited from the boyfriend. Over the past nine months, she has become one of my besties. She is smart, funny, geeky and totally gets my humor.

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Holy cow. I just blogged the Brownies song. That just happened.

And then there is Roomie. You may recall that we really didn’t know one anotherprior to the move. In fact, we met one time prior to moving in and that was to look at the apartment. My apartment manager is kind of abrasive, so I just acted like Roomie was one of my best friends and that we’d known eachother forever.

There was one awkward moment where I asked Roomie about a piece of furniture – it was a question that if we really were friends, I would have known. Our aparment manager paused from her sales mode and was like, “geesh, don’t you know that?”

Uh…yah, yah. I just forgot.

I thought I really liked living alone, but you know, it’s kind of nice to have someone to spend time with, especially when that person is as sweet as Roomie.

And while Molly’s certainly not a new friend, but it is worth mentioning that she recently asked me to be her guestbook attendant at her wedding.

Her proposal was quite amusing as she clearly felt bad giving me what she considered to be a “lame wedding job.”

But it’s actually not lame because they are doing something  really unique with the guestbook. I will be taking Polaroid snapshots of every guest which they will sign.

Molly said she couldn’t think of another friend more suited for the task. So I said I’d be happy to do the job if we could call it something other than Guestbook Attendant.

I am officially the Director of First Impressions.

Last but not least, the new season of My Boys starts tomorrow night and that means getting together with the girls over a coffee table piled high with  junk food.

And that, bloggy friends, is an update on my peeps.

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hey- I’m down here!

The Happy New Year Happy Hour was a success -I got to see all my friends in the New Year and everyone stuck by the rules and brought a bottle of wine $10 or less.

I even managed to cram 10 friends into my apartment at once. I was impressed.

The kicker of the evening was my friend’s son. He’s four. And adorable. Not only did he love Gertie (and her toys), he cracked me up. Every time I brought in new person and started in on the round of introductions, he would get my attention and say, “hey, I’m down here.”

Too stinking cute.

Not to mention that he and Justin had matching shirts on – light pink button downs.

Other highlights included seeing Molly’s ring, sharing crazy people stories(with myself being one of the crazy people), introducing a few people, getting to know roomie a little better and Abigail’s Krabby Wraps. yum, yum!

Thanks ladies (and Justin) for coming!


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The Ghost of Christmas Past

In this edition of Memory Lane Monday, I’m reminded that it is Christmas. Due to a lack of space in my apartment, there is no tree, there are no ornaments. Quite frankly, it feels a  little bah humbug.

Although, I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and I have to say, I do feel pretty good about my gifts this year.

But at the same time, I’m also reminded of all the different Christmases  since graduating from college in 2000.  From Rocky Mount, NC to London to Kansas City, it’s been an interesting mix.

But if Ebeneezer Scrooge learned anything during his reflections, it was to stay in the present and appreciate what life has given you. In honor of the Christmas spirit, I’m scratching Memory Lane and celebrating Christmas 2008!

So from the Ghost of Christmas Present, I celebrate:

  • My wonderful family
  • A terrific dog
  • A warm, cozy apartment
  • A fabulous boyfriend!
  • His fun-loving family who accept me into their fold
  • A solid job where I am appreciated
  • Friends, friends, friends – Thank you to all of you. I couldn’t have made it through this year without you.

To mention a few (in no particular order):

  • D, you allowed me to crash at your place several times this spring with my dog. You have seen me through tears and laughter.  (Sorry about your couch. 🙂 )
  • Justin, you have been a constant friend and a source of both professional and personal advice. Thanks for keeping me laughing. I have enjoyed all of our adventures and am thankful for our shared world view!
  • The work girls – you have more than put up with my mood swings and listened to both my rantings and my celebrations.
  • Stephanie, thank you for visiting me for my birthday this fall and for being there for me this year all the way in Virginia. I’m so glad you walked into the Rocky Mount Telegram all those years ago and that we share the most awesome name ever.
  • Shannon, it was great to see you this year and thanks for listening to me on the phone. You exemplified your role as “maid of honor” because you were there when I needed you most.
  • J, you don’t read this but thank you for your support — even sticking with me when it was really messy and for sharing my love of Mexican food.
  • Mollywolly, I’m so glad you have found the love of your life this year and thank you for being there for me over bri, answering heinous phone calls in the middle of the night, sharing your family and finding me wine when I needed some.
  • The lunch bunch for all the great laughs and for always making me feel like a princess whenever you see me in real life. Your constant compliments flatter me.
  • Facebook friends of old: I’ve so enjoyed reconnecting with so many of my friends from Jr. High -College and North Carolina.
  •  And of course, there is a special place in my heart for all of my new friends – Christi, Crystal, Jeremy, Ian and the whole gang.

And finally, blog friends, thanks for reading and helping me find my voice this year.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!!

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Congratulations, Molly!

I got a call from Molly yesterday.

Me: Hey, what are you up to?

Molly: Making wedding plans.

Me: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (etc…)

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Slaying Molly

E-mail between KD, Molly and me:

Me: Hey ladies, it was good to see you last week. Just saying hi. Molly, next week can I come over to see your house please?

Molly: Of COURSE! As long as it’s before 8pm on Wednesday, because that’s when I head to the airport to pick up a cousin for my brother’s wedding next weekend. Oh, and you have to wear your pirate shirt again.

Me: Tuesday evening would work for me…I’ll need directions.

Molly: Okay – here’s how you get there [directions.] It’s the first 2-story house on your left – on the corner, with crazy dogs barking at everyone. Speaking of dogs, C [Molly’s boyfriend] wants to kidnap Ike [KD’s dog] and bring him to our house.

Me: I’ll bring Gertie! Say 7ish?

Molly: Perfect. KD, you’re welcome to come, too, since you’ve been on this email.

Me: [Copying KD] was my secret sneaky way of coordinating a get-together with all of us. He he.

KD: Ah yes – you are brilliant!! I would love to and will try to. Why does C want to dognap Ike?

Molly: He thinks Ike is handsome and has a nice personality. Seriously – that’s what he said.

Me: It sounds like something I would say about a guy after the first date, followed by “and we made out.” Interesting.

KD:Well, true on all counts – he is handsome and has a nice personality – and he would totally make out with you.

Molly: you guys slay me!

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I snort when I laugh really hard. It just happens. That’s stage one. In stage two I enter the “no breathing zone.” This is where I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. By stage three, I start to lean and fall. So if it’s a really, really funny occasion, then you can almost bet I’ll be silently convulsing near the floor with occasional snorts (gasps) for air. Tears are optional.

Last night I had many reasons to laugh. Surrounded by a group of friends in a zany setting. Uninhibited by social norms or rules, just having fun.

When I came home, I called my friend Molly. There are moments in this whole divorscapade (I made that word up so booyah spellchecker!) that I need to talk to my girlfriends. Even if I’ve just had a night to remember — it’s sometimes a little lonely in my fun. If I’m honest, at the end of the day I want to share my fun with someone.


No, she really hasn’t. We’ve all been busy.

Me: “I’m kind of sad tonight.”

20 minutes later I have an invite for dinner tonight with her entire family and I am reminded that I am really not alone in any of this.

When you spend seven years of your life with someone who loves you and is there for you unconditionally, someone who you treasured having fun with, it’s hard to find that strength within to know that you don’t need that. You are ok alone. You don’t have to share your fun with anyone else. It can be yours. You can own it.

But when you just need a little nudge toward independence…

A listening ear at 11 p.m. after a Thursday night out with the gay boys…

An invite for dinner on a Friday night…

To dump some honest feelings on someone…

It’s nice to have good friends.

And Molly has the most amazing laugh you’ve ever heard.


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