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A Day In the Life

It was a typical day in Liz Carey’s life.

 She slept until 10. Watched an episode of Degrassi. Drove her Honda Civic  to her retail sales job at noon. Stopped by Target for a late lunch where she grabbed a Caesar salad, queso dip and chips and a hard boiled egg. (Look, we don’t judge these things in Quirkyville.)

Then, she wrapped her workday around 8 p.m. in time to zip down the Westport Flea Market to join her friends and family (lots of them) to watch her brother’s improv comedy troupe, the Stitchtactics perform a 10 p.m. show.

And when she was selected from the audience to have this entire day reenacted in front of the audience, she thought nothing of it.

She honked her little horn when the comedians got her day grossly wrong (No, she didn’t take a shower in bed. Just because she didn’t say the shower was in the bathroom means she literally showered in the bed.)

The team used wigs, props and live people to play innate objects (Liz’s brother, Joe played her Honda Civic.) And it was all very, very funny.

But we weren’t laughing at the skit, as much as we were laughing at what we knew.

Because despite the fact that Liz had been on the phone for the past day, texting and calling people to come see Joe’s show, that’s not why they were there.

They let her think that she invited them. We let her think that we all came to support Joe’s show.

Quite frankly, we were all a little stunned that she honestly believed her parents, her sibblings (both of the two not in the show), their spouses (one 8.5 months pregnant) , their neighborhood friends, her boyfriend’s parents, her boyfriend’s aunt, her best friend and her co-workers all came to show their support for her brother. (At the same time.)

But she did.

As the Day in the Life Skit wrapped up, Liz started to head off stage…

But Joe announced that there was more and he needed her to close her eyes so he could spin her around.

She has probably seen this act a handful of times and no one has ever gotten spun around at the end.

But she didn’t question that either.

Oh, that crazy Joe! He must be up to something new.

When she opened her eyes, she saw this…

And then she made this face (as she quickly slipped off a fashion ring she was wearing that night on that finger.)

She said, “yes!”


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A very quirky Independence Day

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Breaking news: A baby Stephanie!

Silly reader!

Not me, the other Stephanie.

The one in the middle.

Technically, the third Stephanie (on the other end) is also days away from having her first baby.

The Stephanie in blue is not.

Back to the middle Stephanie. And her beautiful baby.

I just had to share this because it’s really, really special to me for several reasons. It’s just what happens when your best friend has a baby…

First, I’ve known Stephanie since right when she started dating her now husband and new daddy, Chris.

They are about two of my favorite people ever.

Stephanie has proceeded down an aisle twice in her life for me.

That’s one more time than a good friend should have to do that, but she’s just that awesome.

She’s also been there for me in my roughest hour(s.)

Stephanie and her husband were in Vegas when Mr. Quirky and I got engaged.

They are fantastic people who deserve nothing but the best in life, including a beautiful daughter.

Their daughter weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. They named her Claire. And will probably call her Claire Bear frequently.

I think Claire is going to love her quirky pseudo aunt in Kansas City.

And when she gets older, I will tell her all the some of the wild  things her mama and I got to do together when we were name sharing, apartment sharing, fun-loving young women working at a newspaper in Rocky Mount, NC.

I will also advise her to love life like her mama, work hard and be responsible (most of the time)  like her mama, manage her finances like her mama, be a wonderful friend like her mama and pick a good man who can cook like her daddy.

With these two as parents, this kid has it made.

I’m loving little Claire already from afar.

Photo copyright 2010, Rob Ostermaier


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Sex & the City Guide for the non-fan

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE DD Girl? Like Love. She is my own Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha rolled into one fabulous friend. If I’ve lost you there, then you’ve come to the right blog. 

Image courtesy of Filmofilia.com


See, DD Girl took me last night to see the movie. Which isn’t a huge gesture until you realize she is not a fan of the show. She has never seen a single episode or the first movie. 

So, I, being the good friend that I am, put together a cheat sheet, if you will, of  these strange, fashion-obsessed women that she would be spending two hours with on the Big Screen.  I figured there are a lot of non-fans who would be dragged into this movie for various reasons, so I’m sharing my synopsis with you. (You are welcome.) 

I want you to know in doing this, I do not support the second movie as a good film. In fact, I did not care for it much. But, even knowing it was probably going to be an embarrassment to my intelligence, I still had to go see it. Because I’m a fan. And that’s what fans do. We also drag non-fans into our stupidity. It makes us feel better about the thing. 

So, here you go…. 

Carrie Bradshaw is the main character. She writes a column about dating and relationships. She loves shoes. Her BFF’s are Charlotte –a conservative, but sweet loyal friend with very traditional values. Miranda- an uptight lawyer who is always the first Carrie turns to in a crisis  and Samantha – a wild somewhat slutty woman who knows what she wants and has no inhibitions. 

 TV Show: 

The show started when the women were in their 30’s. They all saw different relationships. Carrie dated a lot, but no matter who she dated, she could never shake her attraction to Mr. Big, an older somewhat unavailable man with lots of money. 

 Charlotte tried to get married throughout the show, failed at marriage once but later found the love of her life, Harry, who adored her. She had to become Jewish to marry him, but she did it for love. 

 Miranda had an on and off fling with a guy named Steve –a man who was far less professional and educated than she was. (It bugs her.) She became pregnant, broke up with Steve but kept the baby. She gave a good go at being a single mom. She later realized Steve was the love of her life and married him. 

 I probably can’t write a lot about Samantha on this PG-rated blog, but just know she has fun and hardly commits. At the tail end of the show, she met a younger model named Smith and fell madly in love with him. He supported her through her bought with breast cancer (which she survived.) 

 The TV Show ends with all the women in their early 40’s. Carrie is dating an eccentric Russian artist who wants her to move to Paris with him. Charlotte is suffering from infertility and desperately wants a baby. She has already adopted a little girl from Asia, but then she gets pregnant! It’s a big deal.  Samantha is treating her cancer. Miranda and Steve are married and have decided to move to Brooklyn with their young child. Carrie decides to sell her NY apartment (which she LOVES) and move to Paris for this guy. 

All the girls are sad. But wait. Carrie moves to Paris. And guess who comes chasing after her? Mr. Big! In one giant romantic gesture, Mr. Big shows up in Paris and sweeps Carrie away from crazy Russian artist and we think they are going to live happily ever after with lots of shoes. 

 And then came the first movie: 

 Carrie and Big are looking for a new condo and Mr. Big proposes to Carrie with a pair of expensive shoes. He promises to make her a great big closet for all of her shoes. (Just get that shoes are almost a character in this series.) Mr. Big never thought he’d get married again (Carrie would be his 3rd wife.) So they are planning their wedding which is great, big and ridiculous. 

 But Miranda finds out that Steve had an affair and she’s really bitter. She’s moved out and deciding whether or not to divorce him. At the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, Miranda makes a comment about marriage that puts doubts in Big’s head. 

So there is Carrie in her bigger than life wedding fashion, ready to marry the man of her dreams and….Mr. Big stands her up. There is a dramatic scene where she screams at him in the streets of NY. It involves feathers. It is ugly. I may have cried. 

Then, the girls whisk Carrie away on her honeymoon to Mexico to get her out of the city and help heal her. Charlotte is paranoid that eating or drinking ANYTHING in Mexico will give her the runs, so she sticks with her pudding snacks she brought with her, even though they are at a 5 star resort. 

 But Carrie sleeps for days and the girls are worried. Finally, Carrie comes out from her room. Which is good timing because soon, Charlotte has a poo in her pants because she accidentally drank some of the shower water. This comedic moment breaks the ice and now Carrie is back with the living.  Also, Miranda really needed to shave or wax and Samantha calls her out on it – very funny. 

 They go back to NY. Carrie hires an assistant (Jennifer Hudson) who helps her put her life back together. Miranda is working on her relationship with Steve and is hiding the secret that she never told Carrie – she is the one that put doubts in Mr. Big’s head. 

 Mr. Big keeps sending Carrie e-mails, but she has asked her assistant to delete anything ever from Big, so she never reads them.  Miranda confesses to Carrie. Carrie hates Miranda for a while, but they make up. She and Steve continue to see a marriage counselor who says she needs to make a decision about divorce. So they set a time and date. If they both show up on the Brooklyn Bridge, they are going to give their marriage a second chance. And yes, they both show up. 

 Samantha decides that she needs to break up with Smith and return to her old ways of being Samantha. Charlotte is raising her baby and the Asian little girl she adopted, Lily. (She’s adorable and calls all the other girls her aunts.) 

 On the day Carrie and Big are supposed to close on selling the condo they had already bought, Carrie decides to go to the condo for one last look at it. She walks into her big closet that Big built her and sees the shoes he proposed with. She picks them up and turns around and there he is! She takes him back. They get married at the courthouse and we think NOW they will live happily ever after. 

 But wait…there’s a second movie. And now you are stuck going to it. Good luck with that. 


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Camping: It’s for the dogs

[Editor’s note: Gertie wanted to blog about her first camping trip. Who was I to stop her?]

I knew something was up when the stuff started piling at the bottom of the stairs. Some of the stuff smelled like my friend, Penny, so I was pretty excited. Anything that involves Penny is pretty fun.

Then my mom got my leash out, and I’ll admit, I went a little nuts. It wasn’t the running leash. It was the other leash. The leash that means…


Daddy rolled down the windows so I could stick my head out. Sometimes it was scary, so I came back in.

We drove for a while. Daddy and Mommy kept looking at these papers. I wondered what they were up to.

We got out of the car and I saw a lot of stuff in the air. It smelled funny. Kind of like sausages. But then I saw there were some people I knew there. Auntie Erika [Roomie] and Christi [DD Girl] were there. I love those girls.

Daddy and Mommy got out chairs and joined them.

They were all talking and drinking the stuff that makes them laugh a lot.

There were so many smells.

I decided to check out the joint. You know, inspect it to make sure it was ok. First I had to poop. I like to poop when I get somewhere new.

Then I discovered there was some tall grass.

I had never played in grass like this before.

I loved it. It seemed like the perfect place to chill out and keep an eye on the people.

Daddy even got a new toy out. It was kind of like a ball, but flat. It was kind of hard to figure out how to pick it up and bring it back, but I got the hang of it quickly.

Then, Mommy and Auntie Erika took me on a walk. There was lots of goose poop on this trail. I was very interested in it.

When we got back, Christi got out this weird thing. At first I thought it was scary, but then I realized what it was. It was a crate for people. They even put small beds in the crates.

I was down with that.

I remember when I had to stay in my crate a lot. It made me feel better about being in a new place. That must be why the people had them there.

I wondered when they would get in their crates. Usually the people told me when to get in my crate. Who would tell them to get in their crates? Maybe that was my job?

I decided to worry about that after dinner.

There was a lot of food to check out.

The food made all the people happy.

I got a few bites here and there.

It was kind of like when my mommy and daddy have people at the house.

Only we were all outside.

And then even my food got put in a bowl. I was kind of surprised to see it there. And I wasn’t all together sure about eating it.

Don’t tell anyone, but after I had fun playing, I started to get a little nervous.

The people were getting louder and loud people scare me.

To make matters worse, mommy put me on a long leash attached to the ground.

She said it was because it was going to get dark and she didn’t want me wandering off.

I thought it was mean.

But she was right. It did get dark.

I really didn’t like the dark part.

The people seemed to have a good time and the warm smelly thing they sat around got big and red.

I stayed away from most of it.

Some of the people looked like they needed to be put in their crates, if you ask me.

Finally, my mommy decided to get in her crate, and guess what?! She invited me in too. I got to sleep right up by her head. She never lets me sleep there. She said I was keeping her warm.

Then daddy got in the crate too. But he made the tent get really stinky and then tried to blame it on me. Mommy didn’t let him. She knew it was him and not me. I love my mommy.

In the morning, I decided I really wanted to stay in the crate, even after mommy and daddy got out.

But then I discovered that Auntie Erika was still in her crate.

If I haven’t told you,  Auntie Erika is one of my favorite people.

She used to live with mommy, and sometimes when mommy wasn’t home, Auntie Erika gave me food and cuddled with me.

It was time to see about getting in Auntie Erika’s crate.

Mission accomplished.

You know, camping was fun and all, but mostly I was just glad to get home.

Until I heard mommy and daddy saying I stink like campfire and I might get a bath.

Maybe next time, I’ll leave the camping to the people.


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Who’s the chicken now?

Let me just start by saying I’m an idiot.

Now don’t jump down my throat. You haven’t heard what I did yet.

Trust me. You’ll concur.

It was ugly. But see there is this little thing called an ego. And mine sometimes gets a wee bit out of control.

Ego. Meet death.


Yes, death wings. 

(Note the surgical gloves next to wing? Required for handling.)

It seemed like a really good idea to eat something with death in the title AND that requires a surgical glove to hold onto.  Yes, sometimes I wonder about myself as well.

And Mr. Quirky? He was out. He wanted nothing to do with this. It was all me. He had no sympathy what.so.ever. Fine. I am woman enough to take this challenge without him.

So, we gathered the troops. It was a contest of sorts.

But when push came to shove, only four of us were brave enough stupid enough to go through with it.

I was the only girl.

That should have told me something. But for once I wanted to be the girl that could hang with the boys. I wanted to take my girly-girl reputation and stomp it to smithereens.

Instead. I burned my mouth to smithereens. Oops.

See, these wings, make even a grown man cry.

(And no. This is not a fabricated photo. He really had a melt down after eating two wings.)

So did I.

But luckily, Joel’s emotional collapse was more entertaining than mine.

All the camera caught was my aftermath.

(two wings.)

Wherein I foolishly thought holding a napkin soaked in my ice water on my lips would help anything.

It was true, as Joel wisely recapped, once you let the pain fully hit you, then, and only then could you recover.

And water? Don’t even try.

I thought I could do three or four. But after one, I almost threw up in the towel. There is hot and then there is a place where it’s just you and the fire. The world is tuned out. Sound melts away. All you know is burn.

And later, it will feel as if there is an alien inside you, trying to escape.

But if you are as bold ridonkulous as my friends Paul (shown) and Andy, you power through six wings.

Because you can.

And because you are very, very foolish and have a lot to prove.

I thought I could prove that I wasn’t chicken once and for all by manning up and telling the death wings who is boss.

But all I have to say now is.



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Just not 24 anymore

Adorable Val and Joe photo stolen from Facebook. 🙂

My brother-in-law’s girlfriend turned 24 this weekend.

She is a-stinking-dorable. Not only is she so tiny, I could fit her in my handbag, she is as sweet as pie. Seriously, she’s got it all going for her.

And she’s just 24. The world is hers. And I feel lucky to know her.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, Mr. Quirky, Gertie and I took a little stroll which ended at a local bar with a patio where Val and friends were celebrating her birthday.

We didn’t stay for long. Just enough to have a glass of wine and share in some birthday wishes.

But it got me thinking about being 24. The things you could do without getting tired. The food you could eat without getting fat. The outfits you could wear without looking foolish. The jobs you’ve yet to have. The friendships you’ve yet to have. The experiences yet to shape you.

It is just such an awesome time. There will never be another 24.

Then I thought about being 32. The things that make me tired. The things I can’t eat without getting fat. The outfits I should have given gave away to charity. The jobs I’ve had and friends who have come with those jobs. The experiences that have shaped me.

And I realized that this. This is an awesome time.

A time in my life where I know where I’ve come from. Have direction toward the future. The support of a great husband and family. The life experiences of living in various places and even divorce. Fantastic friends. Passion for cooking and creating and entertaining. This blog. Connections that I’ve made beyond my imagination.

There will be another 32.

Val, enjoy the journey! And be sure to rock 24 like it’s never been rocked before.


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Killer style

Time to brag: I have my own personal stylist.

I know what you are thinking…I disapear for two weeks, reapear with some random butt injury and now a stylist? Who do I think I am?

Queenie, of course. At least that’s what my stylist likes to call me. I like to call her “my friend Jenny.”

See, Jenny runs this awesome Charm Chicks blog and she’s really good at finding adorable outfits and posting about all the hip style trends. 

So I asked her to do a little personal shopping for me. And now my biggest fashion problem is picking between all the cute selections she posted.

But here’s the good news. I can share her with you.

Simply leave a comment here of what you would like My Friend Jenny to find for you, and I’ll let you know when it’s found!

If killer style isn’t your thing but killing style is, stick around for the lobster murders tonight…

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The more the merrier

“Hey, I was at your wedding on Saturday.”

It was Tuesday and I was sitting in a sports bar  (with my husband…woot!) and friends to watch the KU/K-State game.  This factoid was shared by the guy who delivered my grilled chicken sandwich (with swiss cheese and mushrooms…yum.)

My first thought was he must have been someone’s date that I didn’t get around to meeting…

But then Mr. Quirky remembered.

Every wedding has them. Those strangers who wander into your wedding, whether it be playful, voyeuristic or just to drink your booze.

The wedding crashers.

And ours just happened to be holding a delicious grilled chicken sandwich.

“Oh my gosh,” I said after stuffing my face with a fry. “I remember now. Oh, and can I get some ranch dressing too?” (Because any good wedding crasher should provide ranch dressing.)

I did remember. The cute couple who Mr. Quirky found in the lobby at our wedding reception (the venue is attached to a bar that is open to the public.) They had wandered in to peek at the wedding, (Because who wouldn’t want to be at that party? ) and Mr. Quirky invited them to stay and have a beer.

And now, a few days later, the guy is forgetting to bring me my ranch dressing.

Turns out our wedding crasher is a cool dude (ranch dressing forgetfulness aside) who happens to work at a bar that I have been a regular at for years. The bar that introduced the Lunch Bunch.

So, we did what we do. We made a new friend, swapped numbers and hope to hang out soon.

Crash is such a harsh word. I like to think of them as wedding  fans, wedding joiners, wedding strangers who become friends…


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My Quirky Valentines

This Valentine’s Day tablescape is not the setting for a romantic evening for two.

More like a romantic styled evening with 20 of my closest friends to celebrate my pending nuptials.

And like any good date night, the day included a beauty appointment.

DD Girl and I have the same stylist, (great friends with great taste in hair!) so we decided it would be fun for us to share an appointment. It would be fun to catch up and gab while Whitney brightened, trimmed and highlighted our locks.

It’s always good to feel fabulous before an evening on the town and that quirky twosome appointment was just what we both needed.

I went home to get ready for the night and catch up on laundry.

When I arrived, I found the fiance’s best man from Omaha and his wife at our home. The fiance had his own special plans for celebration. (Hint: I have the feeling candy and roses were not on the agenda.)

The more fashionable of the two parties began at my favorite local pizza spot – Waldo Pizza.

My friends pre-ordered a huge bowl of salad and choice of dressings followed by fabulous selection of pizzas for us – including the adventurous but delicious thin St. Louis style crust with spicy red peppers and corn. Come to mama!

Check out the Queen of Quirky bag!

Then, I opened a few gifts (too generous, ladies!) — a great mix of fun, flirty and risque items. Including a pair of cute sleeping shorts with “Not tonight Mr. Quirky” printed on them. Everyone got a kick out of those…everyone except the fiance.

Then, it was time to party on down.

At our second destination, I was treated to a very special guest visit.

One of my favorite bloggers, Erin in the Real World dug herself out from the snowy tundra of D.C. for a trip to K.C.  Lucky me, she made time out of her busy schedule to stop by my party.

By this time everyone was well into the swing of the night.

Justin is a smart man. He doesn't let the title "bachlorette party" deter him from the fun. He even brought his lovely girlfriend to celebrate with us!

I may or may not have been given a shot (or three.)

And let me tell you, the fiance’s mom was well on her way to a good night!

We moved on to a few other locations before DD Girl got a text from the fiance that the boys were all back at our house and wanted us to join them.

So we snagged a few cabs back home.

And reunited with the guys who were…well, playing Rock Band, what else?

The night carried on well into the (not so wee) hours of the morning.

They say today is a day to celebrate love and romance. I can tell you that the Fiance and I are not feeling very romantic at this moment. There has been a lot of moaning and groaning and “I’m never drinking again” claims.

But knowing that our own day of love is in less than two weeks, means I’m quite okay with sitting on the bed, watching wedding (porn) on TV and stuffing my face with the leftover candy from last night, while the Fiance recovers on the couch.

This year, I was lucky to have 20 Valentines. I consider myself loved.

Roomie & DD Girl


Current and former co-workers


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