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Quirky thoughts about engagement

  • It’s really fun to be the girl when you get engaged and then go back to work. Everyone wants to hear the story and you get a pretty ring to show off. They should make a hat or something  to show for guys because it has to be boring to go back to work and say you got engaged. Maybe I’ll get the fiance a special action figure to take around.
  • There are a lot of questions about when/where we are getting married. I think I might start making up some fun stuff and only people who actually think these might be fun will be invited to the real wedding:

 “We are planning a full-on wedding at next year’s Comicon conference. I’ll be married in the Wonder Woman costume.”

“We are having our reception at Pinks in L.A. sometime next year. Hot dogs for all!”

“We thought that we’d just have it at next year’s Lunch Bunch Fry Fest. In lieu of gifts, please bring something to fry.”

“We’ll be getting married at the American Royal Barbecue. Would you prefer smoked pork or beef?”

  • You can really embarrass yourself pretty quickly if you are caught staring at your ring. This happened to me right after we got engaged. I was standing (shoeless) in the casino looking at my hand and a guy came up and asked if something was wrong with it. I exclaimed to him I just got engaged. His friend started laughing and he said, “I was totally trying to hit on you. Well congrats and lucky guy.”
  • You also realize how badly you need a manicure when you start looking at your hand every five minutes.
  • Gertie could really care less, even though my future mother-in-law told her and I told her like five times last night. Hmph.


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The surprise was on me

We surprised Stephanie in Vegas, but it turns out the surprise was on me. 

After we had a few drinks at the bar at Caesar’s Palace, the boyfriend said he wanted to explore. Even though it was past midnight in Vegas, it wasn’t that late for us. I had never been to Vegas before, so I was kind  of excited to see the strip. 

He said we should go over to the Bellagio where they had a fountain show. I have to say, I couldn’t understand what was so exciting about seeing a fountain. But he said it would be pretty cool, so I went. 

But when we got to the fountain, it was too late and it had stopped running. (We did see it the next night and I can see why he was raving about it.) So, he suggested we go over to Paris, Paris to go up in the Eiffel Tower.But once again, we got there to find out that was closed. 

We played a few slots in Paris and I was getting kind of hungry (we hadn’t eaten dinner.) Typical to me, I had worn a pair of very cute but very uncomfortable shoes. I tried to take them off, but then I realized we would have to walk outside and that wouldn’t work. 

So, there I was, tagging along beside the boyfriend, carrying my Miller Light bottle and trying to find new ways to walk that didn’t involve the heels of my feet, which is what I looked like when we found ourselves on a bridge overlooking the strip. We stopped for a minute. (Much to the happiness of my feet.) and the boyfriend started saying romantic things. Awww…we shared a kiss or two.  And all of a sudden, he pulled something out of his pocket.

It was a RING BOX.


Then he was on his knees, saying more things. Something about spending the rest of his life with me.

And there were people cheering and screaming “SAY YES!”

Then I said yes like five times.

And we kissed and there was more cheering.

Then there was this beautiful sparkly ring on my finger and much like the Match.com connection between us a year ago, it fit perfectly. 

It was surreal. 

And what do you know? Well, I was engaged and hungry and my feet still hurt. So what did we do?

We found a restaurant still opened and we ordered champagne and club sammies and toasted to us. 

It was probably 3 a.m. But we didn’t care. It was perfect.

I barely slept that night because every time I so as rolled over, I’d wake up and think, “I’m engaged!” 

The next day, there was a blister the size of a quarter on my heel and a ring on my finger.


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