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Dating is going to the dogs?

I love the targeted advertising in Facebook. One ad in particular caught my attention…it’s an electronic monitor to keep tabs of your dog’s activities. In addition to being able to virtually watch your dog chew up your shoes while you are at work, it also has a social networking component.

This puppy is a gold mine. Justin, are you reading this?! Not only can Fido meet Champ. Sally can meet Joe. The boyfriend and I met on Match, but I’m thinking this may be the new wave of online dating …. Didn’t anyone ever see 101 Dalmations?

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The event in which I meet and like the boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend

People. If you don’t know this by now, you really aren’t loyal readers.

I am still relatively new to this whole dating thing.

And when I was married, I never met any of the ex-girlfriends. It just didn’t come up. So therefore, I have no practice in the laws of meeting-the-ex etiquette.

But due to the fact that the boyfriend and  his ex are friendly and they share a common group of friends, it was inevitable that some day, we were going to run into her. I was fine with that.

But I wasn’t expecting to hit it off the way we did.

And I wasn’t expecting to be facebook friends with her (yup, we are now!) But I shouldn’t be surprised, really. Our common friends are now in double digits and the thing kept suggesting that I know her and should friend her. Well I certainly wasn’t going to do THAT without meeting her. (Hi, I’ve never met you, but we have XX mutual friends and I know you dated the boyfriend, so let’s be friends.)

But actually, the real life introduction was far less awkward. Despite the fact that I was dressed as a frumpy grandma wanna-be –The cute, cropped crocheted sweater and flowy pink shirt just didn’t have that “wow” factor — and she was looking all hot in a leopard print wrap dress and killer peep-toe shoes. Not to mention she is tall, beautiful with long blond hair… Aren’t I supposed to hate girls like that?

No, the meeting actually went more like:

“Hi, I’m so and so and you must be Stephanie.”

(Me, wiping the veggie burger juices off my face.) “Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.”

We later chatted about our hobbies, interests, food and life in general. And I met her now boyfriend, who seemed like a nice guy.

So now we are buddies. And life is one big happy world.

Oh, and I told her I’d be blogging about this, so she knows. And well, the boyfriend has just learned to accept that this whole bog is like an open book into my life. He’s cool with that…

The party itself (a mutual friend’s birthday) was great fun. Minus the creepy guy who tried to hit on me, then tried to hit on a friend of mine who wasn’t at the party, but was at the bar.

I should also add that the party was fine and dandy until the next day. The boyfriend suggested that next time I not go drink to drink with him when he’s drinking beer and I’m drinking vodka presses. As impressive as it may have been that I could indeed, hold my own, it did not lead to a very pleasant Sunday.

In other news, I put on this lotion today that has a strong perfume scent to it and it stinks. And now I stink. And I kind of keep making myself want to vomit due to my own scent.

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The boyfriend learned a valuable lesson last night.


I mean never.

Fool yourself into sharing a drink in a movie theater with me after I’ve just returned from a four mile run.

Apparently, I’ll drink it all gone.

Before the movie starts.


Not exactly the best re-hydration, but I was thirsty and the popcorn wasn’t helping…

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Getting attached…

If you’ve been following my love life, you may have noticed that I’ve been seeing the boyfriend for more than two months now. And while my feelings for him are obvious to anyone around us, the thing is, I’m getting attached — to his friends and family.

We already have nine friends in common on Facebook. His friends. Because the boyfriend is a great person, obviously, he has great friends. And we’re both really social folk, so we enjoy spending time with all these people. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-way friend street. He’s gotten to know my eclectic bunch too. In fact, we have a trip to L.A. next month to visit Shannon and then Stephanie is coming to visit for my birthday.) 

But see, now I’m getting more involved, making plans to spend girly time with new friends on my own, texting, Facebooking and in general, embracing the friendships. 

Since dating is all new to me, this is the first time I’ve had to face this issue in a long time? How do you enjoy the new friendships without worrying what happens to them if the relationship should cease to exist?

I’ve been through this with my divorce, but thankfully, I only lost a few friends in the deal, but I gained my own closer friendships. It hurt, but oh well. My friends rock.

So I guess when you are dating someone and his friends, you just have to trust everyone. You can’t hold back because you might get hurt. But if anyone has any thoughts on this matter, I’d love to hear them.


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Dating in the age of Facebook, texting and my blog

Enter our latest dating contestant -#3. He’s young (at least he was born in the 70’s.), smart, a self-described nerd, adorable (Can you use that word for a guy? I did. So there), and has the most amazing brown eyes…oh, and he is a red head. Gotta love that. But here’s the deal. I’m all new at this. No, obviously, I’m not. But I am.

Here’s what I mean. See, the red head is the first guy I’ve dated that has found my facebook which took him to my blog and allows him to read my tweets. And this is new territory. Because before we had even so much as met face to face, the guy knew so much about me. This begs the question, should I remove the blog from my FB account? This can be debated later.

But with the texting, facebook stalking and googling that now happens pre first date, are we becoming smarter, savvier daters? About two hours into this date, I’m thinking it’s like our fifth or something and not because I am bored, uninterested (hardly!) or otherwise. Simply because there was all this research that went into this guy before I even met him. And likewise on his end. So we skipped the get-to-know you small talk and were able to have a much more meaningful experience.

P.S. He so just texted me. eek! I’m such a girl!
P.S.S. I also know he is so reading this blog.
P.S.S.S. So don’t hold anything against me. This is, after all, my little world. But I’m glad to have you as a reader for now. Just know that anything you say or do can be documented here at Onward Bound. Oh, and thanks for the amazing date. Even if you totally blew my cover with Hot Neighbor by kissing me good-bye in front of him. Oh well, totally worth it! See you tonight?


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My dad wanted to invite me to dinner tomorrow, but he wanted to make sure I didn’t have a date. Gee Dad, I would have cancelled if you would have just asked. But of course I don’t have a date. Why would I have a date? I guess if you count Gertie…

Mr. D stopped by drink celebrations last night. I guess that was a date. It was enough of a date that my friends were cracking up about the fact that I managed to swing a date to my divorce celebrations.

In my fire engine red strappy dress.

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Frozen in time

Because I know you can’t get enough of my antics of late, I thought I’d share a story that happened a few weeks ago. (Sorry, but believe it or not, I haven’t done anything funny or otherwise interesting in 48 hours.)

SB and I had a date. And during said date, he wanted to visit a very large sportsman’s store to buy some work boots. SB is an avid hunter. I used to be a vegetarian. Let’s just say that if he wasn’t mega hot, I probably wouldn’t be on a date to a store featuring various types of animal slaughtering devices. I know, priorities.

So he takes me into a room that can only be described as the “Dead Deer Museum.” That’s exactly what it was — taxidermy central. The deer were all posed in a fake natural habitat resembling a Colorado landscape. Some were jumping over fences, others were reaching up to trees, as if to eat and one little guy was even scratching his ear like my dog does. SB was explaining to me that the collection came from one guy in Colorado who made a ton of money selling his hunted to this store. And I’m trying to act interested because clearly the presentation of these animals is very near and dear (har har) to SB’s heart. And I want to say something profound. So I say, “Wow, how artistic of him to shoot all these deer doing different things.”

SB just kind of looks at me and keeps going. (Later he said he was so confused by the statement because he knows I’m smarter than that so he thought he misheard me. He really thought it was a misunderstanding of taxidermy) So he starts to explain that the taxidermist can recreate the animals doing different things.

Sadly, it wasn’t until the next day as I was retelling this tale to a co-worker that I had the epiphany that animals go limp when they are shot. They do not freeze mid-activity.

I’m a smart one.


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