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The Hat Box

As promised.


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Super Secret Reveal Part I

I bought the boyfriend a fedora for Christmas, but that wasn’t good enough. It needed a hat box.

But that wasn’t good enough.

The hat box needed some color.

I pasted strips from The Spirit, Dick Tracy and the Green Hornet. 

Nothing like a little mod podge, a hat box and some comic books for Christmas. Picture to come.


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Scrooge be damned!

I found my inner Christmas spirit last night.

But I can’t tell you how (yet.)

It’s a super secret project that will be revealed to the boyfriend on Christmas day.

Things he knows about it:

  • It’s created a huge mess that cannot be concealed – in that he’s not allowed to “pop by” my apartment until after Christmas.
  • It’s sticky – when he texted me last night asking how my project was going, I had one word: sticky.
  • Something has to dry – in that I can’t stick around for “one more beer” with friends because this project needs to get done!


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