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What’s next? Star Trek? Comic Books?

The boyfriend told me last night I may be becomming a nerd. I’m possibly fine with this status. I was already a dork, and possibly a geek, so nerd is just another addition to my stellar personal resume, right?

But Stephanie, you are so girly. How is this possible?

Well, that’s true. There are quite a few non-nerd aspects:

  1. I love to shop and love fashion.
  2. I love all things pop culture and stay up to date on my celeb gossip.
  3. I can be found sipping a martini at local hot spots.
  4. My makeup bag is so big, I actually have to have a travel makeup bag when I travel.
  5. To date, my book case has consisted mainly of chick lit, girly magazines and knitting books, with some Harry Potter sprinkled in for fun.

But recently, some things have changed….let’s take a look:

  1. I went to a gamer event and had fun.
  2. I read an entire series of vampire books and then spent an hour looking for more vampire books at Barnes and Noble.
  3. Yesterday, I bought my first sci-fi book. And I’m loving it.
  4. I might play Dungeons and Dragons after I read this.
  5. Did you see this?!

None of this is appalling to me. I think it’s good to open your mind to new things. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Really, we don’t want this to get out of control. So here it is:

  1. I will not get into comic books. They don’t interest me. Yes, I admitted to the boyfriend that my favorite comic growing up was Family Circus. (I didn’t admit Cathy to him. That might have been too much to handle.)
  2. I will not become a trekky.
  3. I will never give up designer jeans and stilettos. Nor will I forgo having 4 shades of pink lip gloss in my bag at one time.
  4. I will stay up-to-date on Brit Brit, reality TV stars and the must-have bags for the season.
  5. No matter how many fantasy or sci-fi characters I read about, Bridget Jones will always be number one to me.

Nerddome, you are alright with me.

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I like them warm (and hairy?)

I’ve been reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series, and am surprisingly enjoying it. I say surprisingly because I’m not really into horror. (The concept, for those unfamiliar, is a teenage girl falls in love with a vampire. Her best (guy) friend becomes a werewolf and, as you can imagine, she has some problems. Not to mention that the vampire and the werewolf don’t exactly get along. Oh, and all the vampire’s peeps want to drink her blood, on some level or another.)  It’s great stuff. 

My mom is a children’s book writer. She has a group of friends who are all writers. One of them is an expert on YA (that’s Young Adult.) literature. (Side note: I so feel like Rachel Ray by abbreviating YA only to then spell it out. EVOO?) I asked my mom to get her opinion on the books. 

She doesn’t like them.

And she had a list of reasons why. I won’t bore you with the list, but her review made me really evaluate how I feel about the books. And while I do love them, I have one huge issue with the books.

I don’t buy into the whole vampire thing. He’s cold all the time. He wants to suck her blood. He is beautiful in a too perfect way. (I love beauty, but we need to be equally matched. The main character is constantly feeling less beautiful than her boyfriend. Not cool.) He treats her well, but never does anything that a real boyfriend does, like goof up every now and then. (Come on, no relationship is perfect.) He drives too fast. He sneaks up on her (I startle easily.) He can read minds (creepy), but not hers. He never sleeps (who wants to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend watching her drool all night?) And face it, he’s old. (100 years.)

But the best friend character is way more appealing to me. And there is certainly some romantic tension between the two, but I can tell I’m not supposed to be rooting for them. Of course, that only makes me want to even more. And yes, he’s a werewolf, but he’s endearing. He’s warm. He has a slight temper, but never toward her. He has a hard time keeping his emotions to himself. He’s a little vulnerable. He’s protective of her. They have fun together without all the b.s. 

Call me quirky, but it appears I like werewolves better than vampires…who knew?


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