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Yes, I drove across town in this

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was celebrating her seventh birthday. She loved My Little Pony, kittens and Wonder Woman.

As she was very busy working on her My Little Pony craft project with her friends at her birthday party, someone rang the doorbell. It was a special guest just for her, bearing a kitty cat stuffed animal.

To the surprise of everyone in the room, the birthday girl tore back to the bathroom, leaving Wonder Woman standing in a room full of parents and children she had never met before. For a split second, Wonder Woman had that horrible feeling she gets during nightmares of showing up to life without any clothes on. 

But the little girl was only gone for a minute or so because realized that if she was going to give Wonder Woman a hug, then she would need to wash her hands. (She was a very smart and polite little girl!)

All the other children came to see who this special guest was.

Some of them didn’t really know who this person was, but she was wearing a very (tight) and shiny costume.

It was very exciting. Comic books were brought out to sign and everyone wanted to know about Wonder Woman’s more famous friend, Super Man. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman could not remember his planet of origin or his dog’s name, because she was a little nervous and awkward wearing her costume in a room full of strangers.

(Wonder Woman also should never squat or sit in her costume, until she gets really busy on some sit ups at the gym.)

Meanwhile, the little girl told Wonder Woman about the ponies she was painting, what she likes best about Wonder Woman. (answer: a big hug.) and talking about her real kitty cat (who did not come out to see Wonder Woman.)

Cake was brought out and everyone sang and enjoyed cake (except Wonder Woman who after spending 30 minutes with her earthly fiancé trying to lace up the corset costume, decided that she should abstain from cake all together for a very long time.)

Wonder Woman and the little girl had a nice little chat about super heroes and how anyone could be a super hero.

Wonder Woman wished she had thought of that message herself, but it was actually the little girl’s mom who prompted the subject.

Oh well. It was true. And Wonder Woman would have brought it up and all, but was a little green, this being her first gig and all.

But the little girl didn’t seem to notice and to this day believes that the real Wonder Woman really did show up at her seventh birthday party.


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What? You want a Wonder Woman at your daughter’s birthday party? That’ll be no problem.

I got a message on Facebook from a friend.

A friend of her friend was searching for a Wonder Woman to show up at her daughter’s 7th birthday party.

The friend of the friend looking for WW was named Steffany.

I love Stephanies. Even if they spell their names weird.

And I love birthdays. And I love Wonder Woman. I was so in. Seven year-old apparently lurves Wonder Woman and is having a Wonder Woman cake. So imagine how surprised she will be when Wonder Woman shows up.

I’ve never done this before. But I guess I just ring the doorbell and inside will be a bunch of squealing 7 year-olds. Then I’ll talk a little about the cool bad guys I’ve been lassoing and how I’m from the Amazon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t shave my legs. (Ok, probably TMI for this group)

Anywho, terribly excited in a way that is sure to annoy most people around me for the rest of the week.


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Quirkyville Quirks: Yes, you can wear a Wonder Woman costume to work

Someone actually found my blog by googling, “Can I wear a Wonder Woman costume to work?” I’m not sure if I’m really the best person to be taking professional etiquette from, just so you know….but I did today.

So, this is how the morning played out.

 I got up. Usual time. Showered, make-up (but luckily remembered that Wonder Woman does not wear glasses so put in contacts.)

Also, my shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet decided to come tumbling down due to a peg that fell out somehow. So I slipped and tripped over my deodorant and since the lid fell off when it landed on the ground, I got deodorant all over my foot.  Loverly.

Then I went in my closet and pulled out my costume. I put on the pantyhose and then the elastic  star- print bottoms.

All right. They are panties, but I don’t want to say I put on panties to go to work. That’s just…wrong.

Then I woke up the fiance to help me get into my corset. He groggily got up and I informed him I was kind of running late so if he could snap, snap, you know, come over and tie me in, that would be great.

I got it over my head and he started lacing.

And lacing.

And tightening.

And re-lacing.

It just wasn’t working at all. He’d get the top tight enough so that my chest wasn’t hanging out, but then, it would come loose as he moved his way down the corset.

He was getting mad.

I was sweating bullets.

I was late, half-dressed and now sweaty.

He was tired, not dressed and trying to figure out the mechanics of a corset.

It was a hot mess.

15 minutes later, I was sucked in and “modest.” He let Gertie out and went back to bed. I threw on sweats and a hoodie and ran out the door with the rest of the pieces for my costume in a bag, almost forgetting to grab my pumpkin cheese ball that I made for our office party.

15 minutes into work, I was dying.

I couldn’t breathe. I felt so constricted by the tight corset. I wondered how women in the 1700’s survived. They certainly didn’t eat. Or breathe much.

I made it through our office work party where I showed up in full gear — wig and all, and then changed out of the corset in time to enjoy our potluck lunch.

Much. better.

Also, it was kind of weird to wear spandex panties at work…

So, can you wear a Wonder Woman costume to work? Yes, but I don’t really recommend it. If you like to eat, breathe and show up on time.


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To my visitors on the quest for a Wonder Woman costume

Or, to the girl who wanted “a costume her boyfriend would love.”

Welcome. A lot of you have been visiting my site looking for the perfect Wonder Woman costume.

Wonder WomanWell I have one, but I didn’t make it myself.

Meet Holly. She’s the beauty, brains and talent behind this fabulous costume.

I just put it on and suck in my gut a lot.

Oh, you wanted it to wear for Halloween this year?

Silly girl. Not even a superhero like Holly can make that happen at this late hour.  But if you plan in advance, you can have the Wonder Woman costume of your dreams in time for next year’s party.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. It’s pretty quirky around here.

And, if you are still with him next year, I know he’ll like this costume.

For those not on the Wonder Woman bandwagon, tell us your Halloween costume this year.


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It’s a hard pill to swallow

074 One day you wake up and you realize that your 31 year-old daughter is posing as Wonder Woman at a local comic book store. And you wonder where you went wrong.

But  you show up anyway. Because maybe it’s not what you think.

But it is.

And so much more (skin is showing.)

So you smile and take the picture. But an intervention is being planned…

(Thanks for coming, Mom! Happy early Mother’s Day! I know I make you so proud!)


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A Wonder-ful day

I’m not going to lie. My super hero powers kicked into gear on Saturday. Somewhere in between the Roomie lacing my corset 1865-style (oy vey, there was no eating for me on Saturday morning.) and the drive over to Elite Comics, I began to get into the spirit of the day. For those of you on Facebook, you can view a video here.

The kids were adorable (and hardly noticed that Wonder Woman was a leper following her shenanigans in the sun in Myrtle Beach last week.) And I only scared half of them back into their parents’ arms.

Some of the “dads” were ogling me, but can you blame them?  (Snort.)

The other super heroes were fun and accepting. (Apparently fitting  in with folks in super hero get ups is as simple as showing up in a scantily clad costume yourself. Go figure.)

And even my mom showed up for the festivities. I’m partially convinced she came to gauge the level of my sanity. (You are going to dress up in what? As whom? Where?)  Regardless, I got a big kick out of my mom in a comic book store.

And the best news is that it looks like Wonder Woman may have some future appearances TBA.

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Some things are free

Wonder Woman Come find me Wonder Woman tomorrow at Elite Comics for Free Comic Book Day.

10 a.m. to noonish….

Since Wonder Woman doesn’t have a super pet, Gertie will not be there.

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