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Contextually Awesome

A real text conversation between DD Girl and myself:

QQ: I feel as if my boobs are getting droopy.

DD: LOL.  Happens to us all. I told [my boyfriend]  that the other day & he looked at me like I was crazy.

QQ: We can have our own 30-something and droopy boobies club.

DD:  Haha! Yep! Just wait till after you have kids. You think they are droopy now…

QQ: Crap. I’m adopting.

DD: You just made me spit out my 100 calorie cookie pack.

QQ: Well now you will probably only consume 80 calories. You can thank me later.


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Just not 24 anymore

Adorable Val and Joe photo stolen from Facebook. 🙂

My brother-in-law’s girlfriend turned 24 this weekend.

She is a-stinking-dorable. Not only is she so tiny, I could fit her in my handbag, she is as sweet as pie. Seriously, she’s got it all going for her.

And she’s just 24. The world is hers. And I feel lucky to know her.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, Mr. Quirky, Gertie and I took a little stroll which ended at a local bar with a patio where Val and friends were celebrating her birthday.

We didn’t stay for long. Just enough to have a glass of wine and share in some birthday wishes.

But it got me thinking about being 24. The things you could do without getting tired. The food you could eat without getting fat. The outfits you could wear without looking foolish. The jobs you’ve yet to have. The friendships you’ve yet to have. The experiences yet to shape you.

It is just such an awesome time. There will never be another 24.

Then I thought about being 32. The things that make me tired. The things I can’t eat without getting fat. The outfits I should have given gave away to charity. The jobs I’ve had and friends who have come with those jobs. The experiences that have shaped me.

And I realized that this. This is an awesome time.

A time in my life where I know where I’ve come from. Have direction toward the future. The support of a great husband and family. The life experiences of living in various places and even divorce. Fantastic friends. Passion for cooking and creating and entertaining. This blog. Connections that I’ve made beyond my imagination.

There will be another 32.

Val, enjoy the journey! And be sure to rock 24 like it’s never been rocked before.


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