Cast of Characters

To better know me, it’s important to know the cast of characters here at Queen of Quirky.

  • Gertie – my four year-old Vizsla/Lab mix, also known as the slut due to her tendency to roll over and spread her legs for anyone within a 10 foot radius.
  • Mom– a blogger and writer who often keeps me in check, or tries to at least. I like to periodically remind her that she’s old enough to have a 31 year-old daughter.
  • The boyfriend The Fiance Mr. Quirky – The first time I saw his room, I thought, Oh my Gawd, I’m dating the 40 year-old virgin (minus virgin part.) I’m so used to the action figures by now that I even bought one myself. He’s the most amazing, caring man ever. He loves a good intelligent debate, but also snuggling and talking to me in silly voices.  He’s won his way so far into my heart that I’ll even share  my popcorn with him at a movie. And now he’s my man forever! (Poor guy.)
  • Justin – my personal sage and culinary god. I also occasionally go to church with him where he is a celebrity usher.
  • Molly & Kristin–  Often replicated. Never duplicated. Mostly inseperable. Molly has the most amazing laugh and Kristin would probably take a bullet for you, but they are both dear friends. And yes, they come as a pair, but not a couple.
  • Laura – BFF from high school. Even though I met the ex-husband at her wedding, I don’t hold it against her.  Also a great running partner and loyal friend.
  • The work girls – put up with my antics.
  • Stephanie – the “other Stephanie” who used to be my roommate where she had a fondness for Margaritas, a propensity for stealing signs and flirting with tennis players and a small tolerance for Long Island iced teas.  She has now settled down quite nicely and now spends her days keeping her husband in check instead of me.  They live in Virginia.
  •  Roomie – my former roommate who caters to Gertie’s need for affection and likes wine and popcorn as much as I do. We don’t live together anymore, but she earned the title!
  • DD Girl – one of my best girl friends who was aptly name by the fact that she plays Dungeons and Dragons with the boyfriend and his crew. She’s the only girl in their play group and that rocks.
  • G-Man – the boyfriend’s former roommate. His favorite hobby is making up lyrics to songs that have nothing to do with the song. He also has an evil cat who may very well be both Gertie and the boyfriend’s archenemies.
  • My nephew – currently baking, but I can’t wait to meet him! Possibly the cutest little guy ever. I can’t wait until he gets bigger so I can buy him loud noise-making gifts and take him on great adventures that will make his parents cringe.
  • Lily – Mr. Quirky’s brother’s dog and Gertie’s best big doggy friend.
  • Penny- Mr. Quirky’s sister’s pug and Gerties best little doggy friend
  • The boyfriend’s  family Future Inlaws- just know they are crazy. Crazy fun! I think I’m going to fit in just fine.
  • The Lunch Bunch – a group of friends who e-mail daily to answer the question, “what’s for lunch today?” You’d be amazed at the conversations that stem from lunch food. Spam comes up often. We also get together for “fry fests.”
  • AKA Wonder Woman. My alter ego thanks to a costume from the boyfriend.  She makes appearances. Well, she made one. And she hopes to make more soon.

Wanna get to know the cast of characters on Queen of Quirky? Hang around a little bit. They start to grow on you after a while.

3 responses to “Cast of Characters

  1. Nicole

    This is great! So very you.

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  3. May

    Very funny. Your blog is really good.

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