Wife Fail Part II

In one of my more genious moments of 2010, I decided that BioFreeze would help Mr. Quirky’s aching back.

I dug some out of my medicine cabinet. He was still sleeping, so I woke him up to let him know I had in my hand, the cure for his pain. I told him to roll over and applied the gel.

Within seconds he was screaming, “It burns! It’s on Fire!”

Thinking maybe he was being a tad overdramatic about the icy hot sensation, I gave it a minute.

Then he began rolling around in true agony screaming for me to grab a towel and wipe it off.

It was too late.

I left for work as he was still writhing around on the bed moaning that it was on fire.



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2 responses to “Wife Fail Part II

  1. hahaha this is completely something I would do! So glad I happened across your blog! It’s great! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    I can’t use Bio-Freeze either but it’s because I’m neurotic. I can’t handle knowing I can’t make it go away. An ice pack I can just lift off and normal sensation returns.
    You should see me after having a cavity filled at the dentist…

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