New wife fail

This is the face of disgust. Two months in.

Except I keep telling people it’s been three.

All that wedding planning, you’d think I’d get the post-wedding time frame down. But no.

Fact: Mr. Quirky is better at remembering how long we’ve been married.

Additional fact: I forgot his birthday.

Well, truth be told, it wasn’t anywhere near his birthday. I was just talking about his birthday and got the date wrong. (In front of his sister.)

I will never live it down.

Trust me. He won’t let me forget.

Kind of like he won’t let me forget that I have the most wretched dish washer loading skills on the planet.

From Mr. Quirky’s standpoint: 40% of these items do not belong in the dishwasher at all.

20% certainly not on the bottom rack.

And, 10% are just poorly placed.

And then there’s the laundry. Or rather, the dog bed.

This shot may have been staged, but Mr. Quirky found Gertie sleeping here last night.

Because I wouldn’t let her in the bed because she smelled like a camp fire.

And despite threats, I was too lazy to bathe her.

So, she found the next best thing.

I really can’t blame her. Just like I can’t blame Mr. Quirky for being slightly annoyed when he has to wear his boxers inside out because there were no clean undies. I’m just lucky I have an ample supply of granny panties I mean underwear to get me by for a few weeks.

Marriage = awesome!

Editor’s note: No husbands or dogs were completely neglected in the making of this post.


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6 responses to “New wife fail

  1. The Microplane in the dishwasher makes me want to cry. I’d kick my husband’s butt if he did that with mine! Constant exposure to water dulls blades. That’s why you should also not only never put your knives in the dishwasher, you should also hand wash them AND dry them immediately after you use them.

  2. Interesting how differently two people can be when it comes to the “proper” way to do things, isn’t it? After a couple of years, I finally figured out that preservation of our marriage required I not go in the kitchen when he’s cooking or cleaning up. Now if he could figure out that he should stay out when I’m in there!

  3. Carolyn

    Very nice. Love your balance of fun yet keeping the essential truth. Great job 🙂

  4. Dear Queen,

    Thank you for reminding me of the sole reason why I stay single.


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