Contextually Awesome

A real text conversation between DD Girl and myself:

QQ: I feel as if my boobs are getting droopy.

DD: LOL.  Happens to us all. I told [my boyfriend]  that the other day & he looked at me like I was crazy.

QQ: We can have our own 30-something and droopy boobies club.

DD:  Haha! Yep! Just wait till after you have kids. You think they are droopy now…

QQ: Crap. I’m adopting.

DD: You just made me spit out my 100 calorie cookie pack.

QQ: Well now you will probably only consume 80 calories. You can thank me later.


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3 responses to “Contextually Awesome

  1. Lol we need to get together, I’ll get your boobies fixed up in no time!!!!! Any time next week work for you?

  2. Oh, my fiance has never heard the end of it for once actually TELLING me I have saggy boobs. There are some things that should never come out of a man’s mouth. Even if they’re true.

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