Marriage and the law of averages

Photo copyright 2010 BlueRue Studio Photography

It’s been a month since our blissful nuptials.

Everyone keeps asking how married life is. That’s kind of a hard question to answer. Of course, it’s wonderful. But what do people really want to hear when they ask that question?

Do they want to hear about how we got through the great curtain hanging drama of 2010? (Oy. Flashbacks.) Or, how we snuggled on the couch last night after a power outage? How about the homemade waffles we fixed together on Sunday morning, causing the forgetful-before-coffee Mr. Quirky to have to run to the store twice to get necessary items to create said waffles.

But I think what people really want to know is, have we figured it out yet.

Probably not. But I think have figured him out. It’s all about averages.

Flashback to last night – the power went out, so we lit some candles. I commented on how good they smelled, and Mr. Quirky’s response was “you smell good.”

Now under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t have thought much more about that statement. He’s always flattering me. But I happened to know that my feet were really stinky. In fact, they were kind of grossing me out.

“Have you smelled me tonight?” I challenged.

No, he admitted. He hadn’t. But I always smell good, so he was making a statement about my pleasant scent in general.

But I don’t always smell good, I responded. In fact, sometimes I’m really, really stinky.

But I was starting to get it. The man behind the curtain, if you will.

So, when you tell me I look beautiful, does it mean I look beautiful in that moment? Or, are you basing it on a law of averages that most of the time I look beautiful and while I may be a little disheveled at the time of the compliment, you are pretty sure I can put myself back together again?

He didn’t have to answer that.

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