Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Well this is embarrassing.

No posts in two weeks?! What is wrong with me?


Ok, fine. I’m alive. With absolutely no excuses for abandoning my blog.

[Empty promises to follow.]

And I promise never, ever to leave you in the quirky darkness again. And to alway, always blog, even when I’m super busy.

So what the heck have I been up to?

Well, first off. I broke my butt.

Yup, not even kidding. Despite what you might think, this injury did not occur during a Fire & Wine night.

I slipped on the ice on Monday heading down my front steps. One minute I was upright, the next minute – BLAMO!- I was down. Hard. On my tailbone.

But don’t worry. He’s been taking good care of me.

Which has included the purchase and subsequent wearing of donut on his head.

Eh, it didn’t do anything for me anyway. I prefer sitting on ice these days.

Also, the family has been great. My mom has been full of empathy, and my new in-laws sent over my brother-in-law with a bag of hot tamales (my favorite candy.)

Unfortunately, I was sitting on the couch, not wearing any pants when he randomly arrived at our house. (There was a blanket nearby, for anyone who is worried about how this scene played out.)

Look very closely at the fellows. Image copyright 2010 BlueRue Studio Photography.

He really likes to drop trou.

Speaking of wedding pictures, that’s another thing I’ve been up to.

I mean, if you had wedding pictures this awesome, wouldn’t you spend your time looking at them over and over again?

I can say that not because I am awesome, but because my photographer made me look awesome. There is a difference.

My pictures were up just in time to show them off on my latest business trip to Hershey, PA. Armed with my (new!) i-phone and a chocolate martini, I am an unstoppable happy hour social machine.

And when it comes to happy hours, there is probably nothing I like better than showing off my city to friends from out of town.

Lucky for me, my friend Melissa at SingleGalNYC  made Kansas City a stop on her Great Dating Blitz. She even allowed me to crash a single gals happy hour at one of my favorite KC hot spots.

So, here I am a business trip, social events and butt injury later, asking you to stick with me here in Quirkyville.  Because I am such a pain in the butt.


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3 responses to “Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

  1. I think what cracks me up the most about that photo is not only is the bro-in-law dropping trou but the sis-in-law is hooking herself up with a cheeky boob feel.


  2. momromp

    Oh, my. What a way to begin married life! Hope you’re on the mend. Nice to see a post from you.

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