Blogger (back) in the city

I love the city. Any city.

This past weekend, I had a chance to romp through one of America’s all time cities – NYC.

My lovely hostess (who is getting ready to announce one of the most exciting blogging projects ever) showed me a wonderful time.

And I left with so much more yet to see and experience. (Thank goodness Blogher will have me back in August!)

But my work conference was over and there was a snow storm on its way. I felt like I had been gone for ages. (In reality, four days.)

So, I hopped on a flight back to K.C. by way of Milwaukee. (Down side: two flights. Upside: Midwest , so that meant four free cookies!) As I was walking to my gate, a Midwest agent said, “Are you going to Kansas City?”

I said yes. And she told me she had been paging me. Wow, I had no idea! And then she asked if I was Pinnell party of two. Sadly, I was Queen of Quirky party of one. And that was a direct flight to Kansas City that I was not scheduled to be on. Drat. With the weather coming in, a direct flight was sounding mighty fine, even if it meant only two cookies.

Three hours later, after an hour of circling over Milwaukee with crazy falling snow illuminated in the flashes of light from the wings of the plane, I was really regretting not being Pinnell party of two.  The captain was keeping us updated on the Milwaukee airport which was closed to remove snow from the runway.

Um, folks, we’re going to circle until we can circle no more.

We landed in Madison to refuel, and much to the detriment of my (very attractive “Jonathan Antinesque” hairstylist) seatmate, as it was his final destination, yet he could not deboard the plane.

By the time we finally touched down in Milwaukee, I figured my KC flight was a gonner. Visions of  me curling up on an airport bench overnight haunted me. When I exited the plane, I asked the agent to show me where to go to book another flight to Kansas City.

She told me the flight was next door.

What? You mean it’s still here?! (It was more than three hours after the flight was scheduled to leave.)

Yes, in fact it was.  Because as luck would have it, the  flight crew from my flight was the flight crew for the Kansas City flight.

I almost skipped to the gate, until I saw the half-asleep, dagger shooting eyes of those poor folks who had been waiting for my flight. Yeah, that probably sucked for them.

But let me tell you, flying over Milwaukee, up and down, attempting to land was no picnic!

By 3 a.m. I had never been so glad to be back in my city with my man and my dog.



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2 responses to “Blogger (back) in the city

  1. momromp

    This post has reaffirmed all the reasons I hate to fly. Glad you’re back home!

  2. You’re attending BlogHer?

    Fun! Me too! It will be great to meet you. We can chat about corgis, haha, j/k

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