A blurgh-y give-away, or bribery, depending on how you look at it.

 Miss me while I was away in the Big Apple?

I don’t see why. You should have easily found me glaming it up with my blogging BFF Single Gal NYC and then over at the Marriage Confessions blog brunching with my new friends Katie, Chris and Bean.

I’ve been a busy gal! Avoiding snowpocalypses here, planning a wedding there, and not blogging everywhere. Sorry about the latter.

But to make it up to you, I have a new give-away bribery for you.

See, Queen of Quirky went to Rockefeller Center and visited the NBC Universal Gift Store. She totally geeked out over a life-size cut-out of Matt Lauer, giggled over bobblehead dolls representing The Office characters and carefully selected a 30 Rock t-shirt for her fiance.  30 Rock is one of his new favorite shows. And the Queen is okay with him having a crush on Tina Fey, because she might a little too.

She was so proud of the funny Blurgh t-shirt she picked out for him. She layed it out on his dresser so he would see it when he got home from work yesterday. He was excited too, and then he picked it up and realized….blurgh. She had accidentally grabbed a size small instead of a large.

It was just so unfortunate, until she realized that maybe some of her smaller quirky followers might be interested in having this shirt, or giving it to a smaller loved one.  So, she devised a plan.

First, she would talk about herself in the third person, and wonder at which point she could switch back over to first person without it getting really awkward.

Then, she would set up a Facebook fan page.

And then she would ask her readers to join the fan page, leaving a comment here telling her they joined. And, if they wanted to, they could tell everyone a few things that make them go “blurgh.”

So do that, ok? And tell your friends. Because having a fan page with three people would make for a  Queen of Blurghy and not Quirky.

A winner will be randomly selected on February 19 and announced on the fan page.

(P.S. Look for another exclusive to fan page members contest in March. Hint: It will be WONDERful.)


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6 responses to “A blurgh-y give-away, or bribery, depending on how you look at it.

  1. ok. so I completely ran over to facebook and “fanned” you. I am fan #4. I don’t even want the shirt. I am just stalking! haha (kidding by the way)! I love that you have a fan page for yourself!

  2. Amy

    OK…so I fanned you because you rock, but I’d like to win the shirt for my tiny friend, Shari, who loves “30 Rock” (but only because I got her into it). 🙂

  3. Great bloggers think alike — I posted a t-shirt giveaway today too, LOL. And I just became a Facebook Fan of yours. You are royally fantastic, Miss Queen! XO

  4. momromp

    Yep, I’m now a fan. What makes me go “blurgh”? Not winning give-aways.

  5. Melissa

    I’m a fan. I don’t watch 30 Rock so I can’t comment on the Blurgh thing but I had to comment anyway so we could have one more Melissa.

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