Yes, I drove across town in this

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was celebrating her seventh birthday. She loved My Little Pony, kittens and Wonder Woman.

As she was very busy working on her My Little Pony craft project with her friends at her birthday party, someone rang the doorbell. It was a special guest just for her, bearing a kitty cat stuffed animal.

To the surprise of everyone in the room, the birthday girl tore back to the bathroom, leaving Wonder Woman standing in a room full of parents and children she had never met before. For a split second, Wonder Woman had that horrible feeling she gets during nightmares of showing up to life without any clothes on. 

But the little girl was only gone for a minute or so because realized that if she was going to give Wonder Woman a hug, then she would need to wash her hands. (She was a very smart and polite little girl!)

All the other children came to see who this special guest was.

Some of them didn’t really know who this person was, but she was wearing a very (tight) and shiny costume.

It was very exciting. Comic books were brought out to sign and everyone wanted to know about Wonder Woman’s more famous friend, Super Man. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman could not remember his planet of origin or his dog’s name, because she was a little nervous and awkward wearing her costume in a room full of strangers.

(Wonder Woman also should never squat or sit in her costume, until she gets really busy on some sit ups at the gym.)

Meanwhile, the little girl told Wonder Woman about the ponies she was painting, what she likes best about Wonder Woman. (answer: a big hug.) and talking about her real kitty cat (who did not come out to see Wonder Woman.)

Cake was brought out and everyone sang and enjoyed cake (except Wonder Woman who after spending 30 minutes with her earthly fiancé trying to lace up the corset costume, decided that she should abstain from cake all together for a very long time.)

Wonder Woman and the little girl had a nice little chat about super heroes and how anyone could be a super hero.

Wonder Woman wished she had thought of that message herself, but it was actually the little girl’s mom who prompted the subject.

Oh well. It was true. And Wonder Woman would have brought it up and all, but was a little green, this being her first gig and all.

But the little girl didn’t seem to notice and to this day believes that the real Wonder Woman really did show up at her seventh birthday party.


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6 responses to “Yes, I drove across town in this

  1. That is awesome~ I bet that little girl was estatic

  2. Tracy

    That is simply fantastic!

  3. momromp

    Looks like the kiddies had a great time…you are the nicest lady ever.

  4. Amy

    You look awesome! Good job!

  5. janer

    That’s beautiful. And so are you 🙂

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