And all the kingdom waits…

Cake reads: "And all the kingdom prepared for a grand wedding" - Cake crafted by future Quirky mother-in-law

For more blog posts from Queen of Quirky. But until then, please enjoy my bridal shower cake. Calorie-free, of course. I just wish I could say the same for the 10 pieces I have enjoyed since Saturday….

Photo on the cake- Fiance and I superimposed into this Star Wars photo, taken at Disney Land.


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4 responses to “And all the kingdom waits…

  1. Tracy

    I got my hairpiece today! So exciting! I promise to take pictures when I wear it for the first time. I’m not counting it out for the marathon yet either– it would be really sad if I lost it during the run though. Hmm…decisions, decisions.

  2. Love the photo! That’s a riot!

  3. momromp

    Wow – that cake is amazing! Hope you had lots of fun at your shower.

  4. That Star Wars photo is awesome! You guys should totally do that for next Halloween.

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