Pretty little thing for…

Tracy! Come on down! (er, not sure where?)  You are the winner of this beautiful hair flower. E-mail me your address at queenofquirky at and I will send you your red flower hair clip.  Special thanks to Greta’s Pretty Things for providing this lovely accessory as a give-away.

Maybe we’ll show up out at the Brooksider or Hoopers wearing our flowers on the same night. That would be sw-eet!

Bonus points if you wear it during your marathon. (And if you do, we all want pictures!)

The rest of you: I’m working on a new give-away. Details coming soon, but, um…it’s going to be awesome. (Confession: don’t actually have anything to give away, but will find something stat.)


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3 responses to “Pretty little thing for…

  1. Sad I missed this giveaway. That hair clip is too cute. but you can bet I’ll be browsing on Etsy for a little while now.

  2. momromp

    Sigh. This would have been the first time I’ve ever won anything. I’ll get over it….eventually.

  3. Tracy

    Sorry ladies! Momromp, if it helps, this is my first win. Too bad it wasn’t a million dollars though. Stephanie, could you please work on that for your next giveaway? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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