Date night!

I asked Roomie out on a date to go see the very sappy girly movie Dear John with me.

I asked her on Facebook, adding that DD Girl would be welcome to join us, as long as she could hold her barf.

After watching the trailer Roomie admitted that this movie might be over-the-top for even her romantic movie loving self. 

I think it will be fun. Like indulging in too many Sweet Tarts and giving yourself a simultaneous headache and tummy-ache.

Because I think a sappy, girly movie is just what the doctor ordered for this dreary winter we seem to be having.

What sort of sweet treats do you enjoy to cure the winter blues?


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4 responses to “Date night!

  1. Amy

    What to hear a crazy coincidence? My dad works with Amanda Seyfried’s mom and they’re pals. Do you think he gets me an autograph? Nooooooooo!

  2. I love girls night out with a friend. Let us know if the movie is any good. (I’ve got an AMC gift card to burn.)

  3. You ask about sweet treats? Try s’mores cookies!

    I’ll eat them for breakfastlunchdinner. Even if we don’t have winter here in our part of the world 🙂

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