Pretty little thing for my pretties (Giveaway)

Isn’t this flower hair clip perty? It’s red velvet orchid flowers on an alligator hair clip. (Not the kind that will eat you.)

It was made just for me by request. Because I’m special.

I paid for it and it is on my way and it might just make an appearance in my hair on February 27…

Dontcha wish you had one too? Imagine the places you could wear it:

  • To work. 
  • To the gym (hey, don’t judge. Sometimes it takes a little something pretty to motivate us gals.)
  • On a date.
  • To a meeting
  • To my wedding (to match me?)
  • To your wedding (like me)
  • To get coffee
  • On Valentine’s Day
  • In your garden to make the other flowers jealous
  • In your boudoir photo shoot

Oh, the possibilities are endless. You might wear it everyday.

If you had one.

Lucky for you.

I’m giving one away.

Greta of Greta’s Pretty Little Things made one extra clip for one of my lucky readers. Now isn’t she just as sweet as pie?

You should check out her etsy store. It’s got lots of pretty little things.  You should pick out what your favorite thing is (Don’t be shy. It’s ok to like the pasties.) and then you should leave a comment telling me which item was your favorite. You should also mention the places you would wear the flower hair clip.

Then, on January 26, I will randomly pick one of you to win the clip! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because Greta and I are nice like that.


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11 responses to “Pretty little thing for my pretties (Giveaway)

  1. Linda

    Love the Sunflower… Could use some sun up here in Seattle. I would wear this to Walmart or Work.

  2. Jessica

    I stumbled on your website through the Pioneer Woman….and have been hooked, began reading your archives on the marathon (way to go!) and you have been motivating. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials….I am loving the double orchid hair clip, because I’m getting married in July in Maui and that’s what I’ve been thinking about in my hair.
    Your clip is BEAUTIFUL, I would definitely wear it on a date with my fiance, or to the bachelorette party!

    • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Jessica. I’m glad you found my blog. Oh wow, the marathon was so long ago. I keep thinking I should do another one. Maybe with a flower in my hair…

  3. Holly

    What a pretty hair clip! It’s nice to have something cool enough for your wedding day that you can still wear other places. It’s like you can take a piece of the wedding day magic with you anywhere. Love it!

    Greta has some really cute things. I am not a pasties kind of girl, but those are pretty cute. Overall, I would have to say I like the button jewelry best, after your hair clip.

  4. momromp

    I like the daisy hair comb the best, since daisies are my favorite flower. I would definitely have worn that comb in my hair at my wedding, since I carried all daisies. I would wear it now, but alas, I have cut my hair pretty short. Oh well. (I also thought the boogie-woogie-bugle boy pasties were hilarious.)

    Your flower hair clip is beautiful. If I were to wear it, I would wear it to my daughter’s toddler music class. All the kids (and all the other mothers except me) always look so darned cute there, why shouldn’t I?

  5. Tracy

    I like the White Feather Wedding Fascinator. I’m not getting married, but I would wear it anyway. The red flowers are actually my favorite all all! I love wearing flowers in my hair. I put one in all the time when going out, going to a wedding, etc.

    I should admit that I’m a blog stalker who found you randomly. I live in KC near you– Brookside! I’m training for my first time marathon and I just love catching up on your life!

  6. Amy

    I’m with Tracy. It’s all about the White Feather Fascinator, which I would wear everywhere…particularly in places that had cool people that would appreciate it. But I mean, it could get in the way at the movies…so I wouldn’t wear it there…or to go to the pool. You get the idea. 🙂

    I’m not your stalker; I’m your Twitter BFF.

  7. My friend Jenny

    I like Greta’s Valentine’s Day pasties, because you can never have too many pasties…..especially on Valentine’s Day. Love you and the red will look gorgeous in your hair!

  8. Sharon

    The pheasant fascinator (try saying that 5 times fast) is beautiful. What a great way to rock the feather trend. I’d wear the red flower for my wedding too!

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