Still got it?

This weekend I was reminded that I still have it.

It’s always good to be reminded of these things.

Especially after going to a work function and realizing that at age 32, I was the oldest one at the 20-something table.


I secretly like the way I’ve aged. And Roomie likes to remind me that I give her hope.

Not sure what kind of hope I’m giving off, but I can tell her the secret lies in my bottle of Oil of Olay.

Oh, and lots of laughter.

Laughing keeps you young. Do not listen to Hollywood or the Real Housewives: Laugh lines are hot.

So there I was out in Westport, on a dance floor. It’s a place that is by-day restaurant/bar  by-weekend hipster hot spot with a DJ spinning out the tunes.

The fiance excused himself to the restroom and I inched my way out onto the dance floor. You know the inch. You start shaking your shoulders, bouncing a little bit, walk-dancing yourself into the crowd.

And then it happened.

“Wanna dance?”

Me? I looked around. Clearly this guy was not addressing anyone else.

“Oh, thanks, but my fiance is in the bathroom. I’m good.”

That was it. He walked away. I finished dance-walking into the crowd. But inside, I thought, “I still got it.”

And then I got to dance a little with the man of my dreams.

In a word? Fabulous.

What has made you feel fabulous lately?


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5 responses to “Still got it?

  1. You’ve definitely still got it, and you definitely look fabulous in that photo! I love Westport, we have to go there on my next visit to KC.

    Can’t wait to see you in Feb!

  2. Totally agree. Laugh lines are COMPLETELY hot. Who WOULD want to get to the end of their line and be more proud of a smooth face than a laugh crinkles??? Not.Me.

  3. If only I could cat call through a comment. You look great in that photo and it’s always a nice little boost to catch the eye of someone who isn’t your significant other…keep on rockin’ it!

  4. You got moves girl! 😀

    That is a great feeling. The lady in the doctors office that gave me a shot in the hip said she loved my hair. That made me feel good, especially since I was covered in red welps and looked like leper.

  5. momromp

    Absolutely nothing has made me feel fabulous lately.

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