Queen of Quirky approved Valentines Day gifts for the guys

Believe it or not, Valentines Day is just around the corner, and ladies, it’s time to start planning what to get your man. Some gifts require a little more, um…planning.

Photo copyright 2009 BlueRue Studio

Take for example, a Boudoir photo shoot. Oh wouldn’t that be an amazing gift? He would die. It would be like having his own Victoria’s Secret model. Allthetime!

Fair warning: you will never be able to top this gift. Just give up after this year and let him buy the gifts. Because he will. Every year after this.

Don’t live in Kansas City? Find a photographer in your area who specializes in this. Look for someone who has a tasteful and artistic portfolio with reasonable rates. Also, be sure to pick someone you are comfortable with. That probably goes without mention, but I don’t want to send you to get half naked and have you freak out. That would be bad.

Not ready to take the leap into boudoir? Ok, fine. As long as you make it a goal for the future.

Here are some other suggestions for a variety of budgets that probably don’t take as much planning (dieting…ha.), but would possibly be a hit, depending on your man.

I’m a Kansas City girl, so I can’t help but include a great barbecue sauce in my Valentines gift guide.

And this sauce is among the best.

The sauce makers? Upstanding young men from right here in Kansas City.

They have even volunteered to cook for my American Royal Cooking Demo twice!

Buy the sauce and your man will say, “how did you find this delicious sauce?” You can keep your secret to yourself. I won’t mind.

Photo courtesy of The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Give him a cooking class.

That you take together!

See. See? This is a gift for both of you. I accept tips.

In Kansas City, we have a Culinary Center that offers a wide array of classes.

My friend and blogger Chris Perrin took a series of cooking classes there and absolutely raves about it.

Imagine, you and your man sucking on a piece of spaghetti that you made together….I’m just saying. Could be romantic.

On a budget? Why not just cook him a nice meal?

May I be so bold as to recommend one of my personal favorites?

It’s such a good man meal.

He will love it.

Then lick the plate.

Then lick…

Oh my. I made myself blush. Let’s move on.

Photo courtesy of http://www.thinkgeek.com

This next idea is on the quirky side.

But would you expect less from me?

Been wanting to give him your heart or say something meaningful?

Nothing says I love You more than a Plush Beating Heart from ThinkGeek.com.

I’m serious.

Besides, it would be too funny. Do it and then take a picture of you giving it to him and I’ll feature you here on Queen of Quirky.

So that’s all I got. I mean, I could find more, but why blow all my good ideas in one year?

Guy readers (I know you are out there.) tell us what you would like to get this year. We want to know!

*All gifts listed are shared with no material or monetary compensation. However in fair disclosure: BlueRue Photography is my wedding photographer and I have known the Heffys guys for about 3 years now, as they have cooked for my American Royal Cooking Demos. But no one gave me anything for free. I promise. 🙂



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6 responses to “Queen of Quirky approved Valentines Day gifts for the guys

  1. I love the beating heart. I may have to steal this one. One of my girlfriends did the lingerie pics for her husband and he absolutely went bananas over them. Plus he is an easy blusher so we bring it up all the time, it just makes it so much fun to have dinner at their house. 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea. Especially after you have kids, I think. Because you forget that part of you in the fog of it all.

    Now if only I could find somebody to pose as me.

    Ha ha, just kidding.

  3. Former Co-worker

    You are correct, my friend. The boudoir photo session is THE gift you can give your significant other. Needless to say, my husband was shocked, amazed and oh so happy. And there is of course the personal & selfish joy (I hope to get) when I’m 77 years old and have black & white proof of my once good-lookin arse and ta-tas.

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  5. Thanks for this post, I will add together this site to my rss feeds, my friend just told me about this last week. Thanks again

  6. Finally! As a self confessed hopeless romantic I have been searching high and low for a true romantic gift for my better half. It has been a trying exercise. I’m jumping for joy that i stumbled across this “Queen of Quirky approved Valentines Day gifts for the guys Queen of Quirky” page! I have finally found the missing piece of the puzzle.

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