And our holiday season comes to an end

Fiance falls off the ball.

Woah. woah. woah. We’re falling, falling, falling back into the daily routine.

Kinda sad, but kinda exciting.

Why exciting? We have a ton of stuff going on in January/February.

Namely a wedding at the end of February. And all the activities leading up to it.

I gave us a good start to our work week by fixing up some home-made Gumbo from Cooking Light

Of course, I modified it a little…using fresh veggies instead of frozen with the exception of the frozen okra; and I added frozen corn because I had it on hand.

I didn’t buy roasted chicken, but I purchased two chicken breasts and made a quick rub using paprika, Old Bay and cayenne pepper. I coated them in the rub and brushed olive oil on them and then baked them with a bay leaf on top at 450 for 15 minutes before adding them to the veggies. Also, I couldn’t find turkey kiebassa so I used smoked turkey sausage.

I skipped the boiled rice in a bag (ew.) and made brown rice with half water and half low-sodium chicken broth.

I let the whole pot of gumbo cook for 20+ minutes more than it called for because I just felt it would take longer for all the flavors to come together. I added a ton of hot sauce to mine, but due to recent complaints that I may be trying to kill the fiance slowly with my heavy handedness with anything spicy-heat related, I left his alone.

It was very tasty and made a ton for leftovers tomorrow.

After dinner, I prepared my marinade for the Slow Cooker Char Siu Pork Roast.

I’m not going to lie. The fiance slapped the pork butt a few times when I brought it home from the grocery today. (He said it was fun to smack a pig butt. Please don’t tell Miss Piggy. I don’t want her coming to hit on my man. I hear she is such a Muppet slut.)

At least he can still distinguish between hog rear and mine.



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2 responses to “And our holiday season comes to an end

  1. You’ll have to let us know how the pork turns out. I’ve been thinking of trying that one!

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