The quirkier side of New Year’s Resolutions

T-minus 12 hours until a new year and you can rest assured there are going to be some changes in Quirkyville.

I’m writing this as I pick crud out of my eye from sleeping in my contacts…a mistake I will not be making again, resolution or not. Ew.

So without further ado….

1. While I can’t give up popcorn (ever) I can downsize  to a small from a medium, even when sharing. It will hurt a little…when I smack the fiance’s hand for the last bite.

2. I will not let the laundry pile up to obscene levels. Also, must try to avoid turning whites pink. Fiance would probably appreciate it.

3. I will learn how to close cabinets when I’m working in the kitchen. At least half the time.

4. And I will learn to jiggle the handle on the toilet so it doesn’t run and run and run.

5. I will learn how to park straight.

6. I will try not to go to the grocery store every single stinking day.

7. Which means I will plan a little ahead when it comes to meals.

8. I will try not to stare at strangers so hard, a bad habit I have — I’m usually fixated on their cute shoes or handbag, but it comes off odd.

9. I will not push my wake-up time so that I’m not so rushed in the mornings.

10. I will give Gertie more belly rubs and tell the fiance how much I love him more. You can never enjoy life and your loved ones enough.

What are your resolutions?



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2 responses to “The quirkier side of New Year’s Resolutions

  1. momromp

    Wow. I have some of these same resolutions – verbatim – on my list. Others? That whole exercise thing, in some form, done at least kind of regularly. Less butter. Starting to explore our new town a bit more than just the 15 mile radius I can finally navigate.

    Have a lovely New Year’s Eve and a great start to your 2010. I so enjoy reading your blog, so write lots in 2010!

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