Who wished for the white Christmas?

It’s broken.

Make it stop.

Snowing that is. It doesn’t snow like this here. It’s supposed to snow 2-3 inches, we freak out, cancel schools and get over it in a day after it turns 50 and melts into a slushy, salty mess.

But no. For the past week, it’s been like living in a snow globe here in Kansas City.

If not a snow globe, Minnesota.

Last night I got stuck going to the gym. Today, my car is reburied in the spot I spent an hour digging out Sunday night. (My puny girl arms are still sore!)

And our street? Forget about it. It’s a mess.

The only redeeming factor is I get to walk around with my jeans tucked into my polka-dot rain boots every day. I even wore them to a nice restaurant without anyone blinking an eye.

But that’s it. Other than that, I’m so over the snow.

Even though it’s kinda pretty and Gertie looks so cute with snow on her nose.


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2 responses to “Who wished for the white Christmas?

  1. janer

    After three Boston winters I can sooooooooo relate. So happy to be back in NorCal! Spent most of the past five days walking along beaches and hiking redwood forested hills in the sunshine.


  2. momromp

    I miss snow now that I’m south of northwest Ohio. But when I lived with snow, I’m pretty sure I complained loud and long about what a colossal pain it was.

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