A very Quirky Christmas

We shoveled ourselves out of the great Christmas Blizzard of ’09 and made it to TWO. Count them. TWO celebrations.

I was pretty proud of the Fiance for braving the snow.

After an hour of shoveling (in which he had to walk to a nearby Quick Trip to borrow a shovel because we didn’t have one) and then loading up the car, the fiance grabbed a very worried Gertie to put her in the car.

I was standing at the back door.

And all I heard was, “No Gertie! Not the casserole!!!”

Apparently Gertie jumped into the driver’s side seat where my breakfast potato casserole was sitting, instead of the backseat.

Oopsie. Just a little walk through. Over plastic wrap. Nothing that couldn’t be fluffed later….

Then we white knuckled it to Lenexa for our first celebration of the day.

Where there were dogs, dogs and more dogs.

(Three to be exact.)

But this sweetheart is Penny. She’s the fiance’s sister’s pug. And she was the star of the day…

She also had the most outfits of anyone.

Including her own Snuggie.

Be jealous.

I was.

And it wouldn’t  be Christmas at the Fiance’s family’s house without the family photo.

We took several takes, but I like this one because Gertie was a few seconds away from giving some Christmas love to the kitty cat. (She is not a huge fan of cats.)

Don’t you like my socks?

Also, note the fiance’s sister and her boyfriend (in the back) who had the most killer footie pajama’s on.

After this photo, the fiance took a nice nap on this very couch.

While his mom and I poured over his childhood pictures for a special wedding-related project.

Then we were off to round two.

More  white knuckle driving….but it was worth it because of this cute little guy.

And spaghetti.

But mostly him

And her.

(That’s my little sister, isn’t she cute? Also, if you have a teenager to buy for next year, apparently fuzzy socks are a big hit!)

One more.

I couldn’t resist.

Merry Christmas!


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4 responses to “A very Quirky Christmas

  1. Artie Lange

    Penny is the cuteset ugliest dog ever. Also, I love Joe’s very festive Christmas shirt. Way to go Joe.

  2. Ok, the fact that Penny can’t keep her tongue in her mouth is reason enough for me to be totally smitten with her.

  3. momromp

    Yep, I do like your socks. Looks like you had a great Christmas! That little baby is adorable (as is your sister and all the doggies).

  4. Love the vizsla – we have one too named Pearl. My husband has had hungarian pointers since he was 11, one right after the other. Pearl is his fourth.

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