A very quirky holiday gift guide

Looking for that quirky last-minute gift? Take a few suggestions from the Queen of Quirky, and some of my favorite quirky retailers. This is pure play reporting, y’all. No freebies were taken or given to bring you this quirky list.

Pugalicious Necklace (black acrylic)

For the dog-obsessed, a Pugalicious Necklace in black acrylic from Etsy store Weasel Factory.

Just like the pug itself, it’s so ugly, it’s cute.

Snorting, butt-wagging dog sold separately.

 For the Star Wars fan in your life, (or if you would like to by my fiance something) the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag from our innovative geeky friends at Think Geek.

When I asked the fiance when on earth he would ever use this, he actually had a list of possibilities. Oh what fun it would be to wake up next to him in this on an air mattress at someone’s house?

For the to-be or already newlyweds in your life, how about an instruction manual from Quirk Books?

Rumor has it, it contains all sorts of valuable information for the newly married, including handy diagrams. And you know how much I value those.

Bar Tools & Accessories - Quirky Corks Wine Stopper For the wine lover who actually doesn’t finish the whole bottle at once?

I hear they exist.

Anyhow, these Quirky Corks Wine Stoppers from Wrapables are super cute and playful.

I’d get the “put a cork in it” one myself.

love bacon kitchen towel

 For (everyone non-vegan?)on your list, how about a love bacon kitchen towel  from Koli’s Etsy Shop? 

Don’t love bacon? There’s a pretty sweet “master baster” towel that might fit your fancy.

I’m just sayin’…

For the super hero chica, check out these Wonder Woman Havainas flip flops at 6 p.m.

I’d totally wear them in the dead of winter. With socks.

So there you have it, a few last-minute quirky items to help you wrap up this holiday shopping season.  What was your favorite quirky gift of all time?


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2 responses to “A very quirky holiday gift guide

  1. momromp

    It makes me so happy that you made sure to tell us that you would wear the flops with socks. That is a great look, I think. I love Etsy…I’ve been finding some fantastic prints and interesting little gifts there for a while.

    My favorite quirky gift of all time? Well, you know how much I treasure my LeBron James T-shirt. But my very favorite truly quirky gift? I don’t know if this qualifies as quirky, but some friends gave me both a lite-brite and a nightie in one graduation gift to remind me to stay a kid but also to have fun as an adult.

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