Kicking thank you, but….

It’s tough to take a compliment sometimes.

Especially when you haven’t brushed your hair or your teeth and your mascara is smeared underneath your eyes.

The fiance has a way of dishing out loads of compliments when I look like this.

To him I’m beautiful, the prettiest woman in thew orld, super sexy…ok, I’ll stop before you vomit on your keyboard, but you get the drift.

He’ll stop and grab me around the waist or hug me and tell me these things and sometimes all I can think of is, “I have mega cheese breath from the clump of colby jack I just grabbed straight out of the bag in the fridge.” 

But for some reason he doesn’t care (or he has no sense of smell.)

Yesterday happened to be a “no bathe day” for me. I have those periodically. Mostly on Sundays following a big event the night before. It means I walk around all day in the clothes I slept in, I don’t shower and I’m lucky if I brush my teeth. In fact, I try to avoid  all mirrors on those days if possible.

And yesterday, the fiance continued to shower me with praise.

In my mind, I tried to kick the “what did he do wrong?” thoughts. I don’t want to be all “thank you, but you are wrong. I’m ugly.”

Because I know I’m not. Maybe I don’t feel my prettiest. But if he can find the beauty in my unkemptness, then I should let him.

So, I tried to let the compliments soak in (almost as if willing them would make them true).

As a result, I half-believed him by the end of the day.

And then I caught a glimpse in the mirror.

I’m just glad he see’s what he see’s when he looks at me. I’m glad he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful.

And for the sake of our relationship, I think I’ll try covering the mirrors for the next no bathe day so I can enjoy his flattery.

And maybe buy some mints.


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One response to “Kicking thank you, but….

  1. I struggle with this as well. Enjoy his compliments and try not to do any negative self-talk! He means it! 🙂 (this is what I tell myself!)

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