A very McChristmas Ornament Party

All I can say is we have some very creative.

And possibly very sick, twisted friends.

The ornament party is over.

I have the mess in my kitchen to prove it.

And a tree full of very random ornaments.

Did I mention the tree fell over?

And the McCrucifix came tumbling to the ground.

Oh, I didn’t mention a McCrucifix?

Our friend Ryan, notorious for the McRib ornament took his skilz to a whole new level.

Resulting in this.

No he didn’t!

Yes, yes he did.

Ryan says our party is the only reason he owns a glue gun.

And I was all worried about becoming too crafty.

Ryan is a big fan of Queen of Quirky, and he felt a little bad that his McRib ornament contributed to the great ornament fight of 2009, so he thought that maybe this offering of peace would help smooth it over.

And there’s not much else one can say about that.

Even the tree was rebelling against this, um… topper? It fell over at about 1 a.m.

And that was only a small hilarity that ensued throughout the evening.

The highlight being the party bus with the fiance’s parents and aunts and uncles. They were in town for a special family gathering. And our party was the last stop on their tour of various parties and house visits. And let me tell you, they KNOW how to have a good time. Rumor has it, there may have been some margaritas on that party bus…

They were a hoot. In fact, I created a little slide show of their time on the couch together.

All in all, I’d have to call the party a huge success.

The food was fantastic (stuffed mushrooms, spinach pinwheels, cheese & sausage platter, hummus and crackers, veggie platter, red velvet cupcakes, truffles and turtle chocolate cookies.)

We killed a pony keg of Fat Tire and a pitcher of spiked egg nog.

Then there was a beer run.

But a secret club realized the pony keg wasn’t tapped and continued to enjoy delicious Fat Tire.

Meanwhile, Gertie was a little concerned about all the people in her house.

So the fiance brought her bed up so she could oversee the party from her perch.

We played Rock Band, listened to good tunes, laughed, told stories and oohed and ahhed over the tree decor.

And we now have more ornaments to add to our collection. Some more useful than others, some more appropriate than others. I’ll leave you with some of the more “colorful” ornaments on the tree, and hope this irreverent  post in all that it lacks in taste has made you giggle, not gag. Tis the Season!



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2 responses to “A very McChristmas Ornament Party

  1. momromp

    I cannot WAIT to show my husband the McRib crucifix. My only concern is that he may actually fashion something similar for our home. My dog also hovers at the top of the stairs when she’s nervous. I’m a little jealous…your in-laws seem like way more fun than mine (and yes, I was aware of their un-fun ways before I got married). Maybe I’ll ply them with margaritas next time I see them.

  2. Highly recommend combining margarittas with in-laws. 🙂

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