F&W Bag Ladies

Fire & Wine night was replaced with Wine & Packing & Pizza night tonight.

For Roomie. Who is moving into her very own little 1 bedroom this weekend.

It’s the same layout as the 1 bedroom I lived in after my divorce. Walking into her new place brought back so many memories.

So did enjoying our last glasses of wine in the old apartment where Roomie and I lived for almost a year.

After we cleaned out her kitchen and loaded it into an old grocery cart to roll down to her new place.

Bag ladies.

With our grocery cart. And our wine. Klassy.

At one point, DD Girl picked up Roomie’s rolling pin and shoved it in the air with the exclamation, “MEN!” We don’t have issues, really, we don’t.

After we unloaded, Roomie’s kitchen,  we unloaded our baggage. Because all of us – myself, DD Girl and Roomie have some.

It felt so good to talk. Just talk. Candidly. As women, on the same page, with the same struggles. Different packaging.

I love those girls. And their baggage. And mine.

Isn’t it great to have girlfriends? How do you and your friends find time/ways to connect?


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4 responses to “F&W Bag Ladies

  1. unplannedcooking

    You gotta love girlfriends. We play Bunco. It gets us out of the house, gets us dressed up, and gets a glass of wine in our hand.

  2. Last night we went out with 4 married couples(us being one of them) and we just wanted to grab dinner at this little pizza place. The wait for a table of 8 was too long, so we decided to split up into 2 tables of 4. As we were sitting down someone suggested jokingly we have a girls table and a boys table, but then everyone liked the idea. The girls table had great conversation, of course we weren’t bashing our husbands too badly cause they were sitting only one table away! It was fun to later talk to my hubs and compare table conversations. But it’s very good to just have girl time sometimes!

  3. Erika

    I love F&W Night. It’s been kind of sad to leave the old place. Sort of where I started my new life! Your post made me sniffle. It’s been a great year, so glad I met you and DD Girl 🙂

  4. We start talking about recipes and men, then one of us says, “Come over tonight and we’ll cook that!” next thing you know 2 bottles of wine are gone, the kitchen is a mess but the dinner is fabulous and we have solved all the problems of the world. Girlfriends are the best, huh.

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