So many things could go wrong in the next 24 hours.

But so many things could also go right. 

Last night I made five gallons of chicken broth. Five gallons. Who does that?

And today I will make 10 pounds of mashed potatoes and put a turkey outside to brine and just pray, I mean PRAY no wild animal decides to have itself a little Thanksgiving treat.

Speaking of an animal having a Thanksgiving treat…

I’m reminded of a Thanksgiving years ago in Rocky Mount, NC. My friend and then sports editor at the Rocky Mount Telegram , Patrick invited his displaced reporter friends to celebrate together. We all came bearing food, and lots of it.

The friends who brought the turkey (God bless them) had a bit of turkey crisis on the way over, resulting in most of the turkey juices all over Steve’s pants (crotch).

After we were stuffed and settling into our turkey comas, Steve decided to take a nap before going into work to finish Friday’s paper. He was out fast.

What happened next would forever be burned in my memory.

Patrick’s miniature schnauzer sniffed his way over to Steve’s turkey crotch and, well, let’s just say he was going to town. Steve was still out cold.


I think it was the best Thanksgiving that dog ever had. Steve might think otherwise.

Good times. Good times.

So as my bird continues to thaw and I rush home at noon to get started on peeling and preparing a gazillion potatoes , I need to keep in mind what this feast tomorrow is really all about.

Thankfulness. And Family. And Friends — new and old.

Not to mention those quirky memories in the making, whether they be whipped cream explosions or turkey crotch violations.

So from QoQ, the fiance and our  turkeylurkey, have a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving, and of course, keep it quirky.


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6 responses to “Turkeylurkey

  1. Ha ha! I am so impressed with your cooking efforts. I’m cooking for four adults and two kids who will probably just eat cornbread, and I’m nervous! But hey, that’s what holidays are for right?! Good times, not just the food.

  2. BigLittleWolf

    Hoping your 22 pound turkeylurky
    Thawed, cooked, and resulted in smirky
    Faces of pleasure, a little bit murky
    Long after “stuffing” with dinner by Quirky.

    Here at my homestead the cooking is done,
    We ate like piglets (myself and my son),
    That was at 5, and now for more fun,
    Two hours later, more eating’s begun.

    No, ’tis not I! I’m stuffed and I know it.
    Teens who are growing – where do they stow it?
    Meanwhile my seams-r-a-bursting & SHOW it,
    (22-pounder? Did you and yours grow it?)

    Sorry, QueenQuirky, the rhyming is back.
    What can I say? I feel like a hack.
    So Happy Thanksgiving, from me and my pack,
    Dishes are waiting (and so is a snack)…

  3. momromp

    I look forward to your post mortem of Thanksgiving Day. My daughter and I are alone today, as my husband had to work far longer than expected on this holiday; thanks for making me smile!

  4. Big Little Wolf – you did it again. Fantastic comment. I’m glad you had a great day. And I feel you have posed a bigger than life question – where do teenagers store all that food?

    Momromp – post-mortem Turkey day is up. 🙂

    • Yes, indeed. It is one of the great mysteries! (I keep thinking it’s being absorbed into brain cells through some strange sci-fi metabolic process I shall never comprehend. Of course, he is about 1/4″ taller every time I turn around. That may be a clue…

      Hope you had a great T-day. (I am, thankfully, not rhyming at present, but I fear that relapses occur when least expected. And still waiting on the vaccine.)


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