Quirkyville Quips: Lizard people

The scene: We are watching V, ABC’s remake of a popular science fiction mini-series where lizard-like aliens disguised as humans visit our planet. (The remake is a full series, not a mini-series.)

Fiance: (Arbitrarily to the television) What part of “don’t trust anyone” did he not understand!?

Me: If aliens came to our planet, would you trust me?

Fiance: No. You couldn’t trust anyone.

Me: But what if I was one of the nice aliens who just wanted to be peaceful and marry a human?

Fiance: How would I know that? In that situation, you really wouldn’t be able to trust anyone.

Me: But that would mean that I am a lizard now.

Fiance: Are you saying you are a lizard?

Me: No, but in the hypothetical lizards-take-over-the-world-future, I want you to be able to trust me.

Fiance: Well, I don’t think I would trust you. But it probably wouldn’t matter because we aren’t important enough that we would have the information that the aliens are dangerous, so maybe I would.

(Fiance wanders into the kitchen. Clearly he is not as phased in this potential wrinkle to our future marriage as I am…)

Me: (Shouting into the kitchen) Maybe we should include something about the lizard invasion in our vows, that way you will trust me….

Fiance: Sticks his face back into the living room and rolls his eyes.

Me: What? I’m serious.


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9 responses to “Quirkyville Quips: Lizard people

  1. You’re killing me… in the world of DVRs, you don’t start blog posts with a spoiler from the show the night before! Some of us may have been out enjoying $2 black and tans instead of watching it already…. hypothetically speaking…

    • Oh, Mike. I’m sorry. But there was nothing in this post that you didn’t know from watching the first episode. You know the lizards are bad, right? That was pretty clear in the first ep. I tried not to give anything away substantial. Apologies! But I do hope you enjoyed your beer. Yum. 🙂

  2. C

    Man, I thought I had a hard time trusting people before… but now. I just read that the vatican is doing research into extraterrestrial life and how to handle it when it’s discovered. They said they believe it could only be a few years away…
    Or maybe it’s happened already and my boyfriend is a lizard. Holy cow. I’m gonna threaten him; if he’s a lizard I will be PISSED!

  3. I think my ex *was* a lizard. No, that’s not true. I *know* he’s a lizard. And not the cute, insurance selling kind.

  4. janer

    Are geckos lizards?

  5. Amy

    Wow…I love this! You’re hilarious! I think he should trust you in the event of the whole lizard thing. I would. Men just don’t know anything. 🙂

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