It’s not spam. It’s the lunch bunch.

Every day an e-mail hits my inbox somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30. The subject line reads something like – Thursday Lunch Bunch.

There are about 12 people copied on the e-mail, but do not be mislead. This is no spam. It’s 12 of my favorite people who love to click “reply to all,” and have the ability to turn even the blandest of Mondays into a giggle fest. Who knew lunch could be so funny?

I have mentioned them here before, particularly Kevin, who is probably the biggest character of the group. You also may recall Fry Fest, our annual celebration of all things fried. And I do mean all things.

To help you better understand the quirks of this group, I put together some common LB terms and definitions.

Lunch Bunch – a group of 12 friends who respond to a daily e-mail asking the simple question, “what did you have for lunch today?” The group was created by Jay, but has taken a life of its own. Members live in Kansas City, Des Moines and Cleveland.

 Iowa State Fair – The act of eating anything fried on a stick. Must be done with members Dorothy and Jay. A topic of conversation long before said event even begins, as Dorothy’s lunches get leaner and leaner weeks prior. She has to be in prime shape for this event.

 Fry Fest – The act of said 12 friends in addition to a few other stragglers getting together to fry anything and everything. The weirder the better. More important than the event of Fry Fest is the activity of chattering about it during the daily Lunch Bunch e-mail.

Jim – Partner of Kevin. Should never ever be copied on any mass Lunch Bunch e-mail. Does not have time for reply to all insanity that often results during a particularly fun Lunch Bunch day. Otherwise, a perfectly delightful fellow.

 Run for the Border – Not the annual trip to Mexico made by Kevin and Jim. More like a semi-daily trip by member Sheila to Taco Bell. Often times, the border is only as far as her fridge where she has stored goodies from the previous evening’s border run. [We worry a lot about the nutritional intake of Sheila, but she looks great, and her odd Taco Bell diet seems to work for her…]

 Creepy – Any item of food that has either been sitting around for a few extra days, is off-color or just plain off. Creepy food is completely acceptable to eat, but one must disclose the creepy level of his or her food.

Blackberry lunch assault – A dangerous device, allowing any lunchbuncher to share lunch commentary from anywhere. Member Paul is often guilty of blackberry lunch assaults and sometimes includes phone photos of lunches he enjoys (rubs in) during his work travels all over the country (And Canada. We hate him.)  QoQ would never ever stoop to this level….

 TG’s – The initials of the place of worship, er drinkage where several members of Lunch Bunch first met. Also a popular destination on Wednesday nights and formerly known as too many names to list in this definition. It’s just that place we go sometimes.

 Buddig – A type of deli meat, sold in individual packages. Often eaten without bread along with string cheese by member Dorothy who lives in Des Moines. I’m thinking Iowa is not getting a good food rep with this group…

 Cookies – A necessity at the end of any good Lunch Bunch member’s meal. May sometimes require a special trip to retrieve. Acceptable substitutions: cake and brownies.

 Ella – Adorable toddler daughter of  stay-at-home and expecting mother Toni. She often shares in Lunch Bunch by default of having had the same lunch as her mom. Or, vice versa. Toni is the only member who has ever included “juice box” on her lunch reports.

 Jay’s Office – Must be the most fun place on the planet to have lunch. Member Robin works there and member Paul often brings lunch there when he’s not traveling. Secretly, the rest of us kind of hate their little club. XOXO.

 9 p.m. – The time at which we usually receive an e-mail about member Ellen’s lunch. We’re not sure when she eats.

 1 p.m. – The time at which Kevin shares the delicious dinner he is fixing and rubs in that he is enjoying a cocktail while some Lunch Bunchers slave at their desks. [Kevin has recently moved to Cleveland with Jim and is studying to be a massage therapist. Since he started school a few weeks ago, we haven’t heard from him as much lately. We’re not sure if they are having TV dinners for meals or what.] 

 Spam – The most disgusting substance on earth, but often a subject of the Lunch Bunch. We are currently in two camps – love it v. hate it. Guess which camp I fall into…

Intrigued? Disgusted? A little bit of both?

You’d be a great fit. We occasionally allow new members. I’m just sayin’.



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6 responses to “It’s not spam. It’s the lunch bunch.

  1. Jay

    Stephanie, love love love it!

    Thursday Lunch Bunch:
    Leftover George’s Pizza, the BEST.
    Rates 0 on the creep factor level.
    2 dark chocolate Hershey kisses.
    I may possibly win the “oink” prize today!

  2. Ooh, Steph – what a great idea! How fun to be part of a group like this! So here’s my contribution for the day (just for kicks)…1 c. cottage cheese (4 pts) and 1/2 c. steamed butternut squash (0 pts). Guess who’s doing Weight Watchers? 🙂

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  5. Naomi

    I have been reading your blog now for about a year or so….I love this lunch idea. So my contribution for thursday – a boring old salad with mixed spring greens, a little cheese, green pepper and mushrooms with italian dressing. Unfortunately this will be my lunch for the next month or so, as the dieting has begun. 5 lbs lost and only 15 more to go….

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