I went to the DMV today and I didn’t implode

Aren’t you proud of me?

Begin rant:

So, my title from North Carolina arrived in the mail yesterday. For the second time.  After I paid taxes from 2003 and skirted around having to get an emissions test on the poor thing. (A tax assessor in Wilson County, NC was very kind in helping me wade through some of that red tape. Of course, he was kind after I gave him $100 in back taxes, but still. I’ll take it.)

My title also arrived around this same time last year (I am still not sure why the 2003 tax issue didn’t come up then, but we are dealing with state government and I went through a different department in order to get a title loan off of it, so maybe that explains it.), then I took it to the Kansas DMV to have it transfered over and complete my 2008 registration and they freaking lost it. With no record of ever having had it.

Bbbbut, I handed it to you and you said you were going to send it off to Topeka.

Nope, don’t have it. Never had it.

Well, um, how did I re-register my car last year?

We don’t know.

They called me a liar. They made me feel like a fool, but it’s close to be all over now.

Because I have my title back. (Note: the Kansas DMV made me feel so crazy that I wondered if I had ever had that title in my hands last year at all.  Like maybe I just imagined it? So when I called to get yet another copy of the title, I asked the people in NC if they sent one to me last year. Yes, they did. See? I’m not crazy.)

mwah ha ha…(maybe a little?)

Anyhow, we’re not messing with Kansas this year. Nope. We are going straight to Missouri.

We, meaning me and the crazy people inside my head that the DMV brings out.

I went to the Kansas DMV today (hence the title of this post) to secure printed records  that taxes have been paid on the car since 2007. I walked in, calmly asked for what I wanted and got it.

I just don’t understand why these entities make it so hard to pay for your stuff. That’s really all I want to do. I have X% of the value of my car ready for the first state that will take it and call it taxes, but somehow it’s not that easy.

At this rate, the poor old car is probably going to kick it before any state gets a cent of money.

rant over.

The good news is that I have taken Monday off to spend time with my future new friends in Jackson County. Maybe if all goes well, I can enjoy part of the day. And if all goes poorly? Well, let’s not go there…




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3 responses to “I went to the DMV today and I didn’t implode

  1. just came across your blog. You are absolutley adorable! I am so glad I found it! Can’t wait to keep reading!!

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