To my visitors on the quest for a Wonder Woman costume

Or, to the girl who wanted “a costume her boyfriend would love.”

Welcome. A lot of you have been visiting my site looking for the perfect Wonder Woman costume.

Wonder WomanWell I have one, but I didn’t make it myself.

Meet Holly. She’s the beauty, brains and talent behind this fabulous costume.

I just put it on and suck in my gut a lot.

Oh, you wanted it to wear for Halloween this year?

Silly girl. Not even a superhero like Holly can make that happen at this late hour.  But if you plan in advance, you can have the Wonder Woman costume of your dreams in time for next year’s party.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. It’s pretty quirky around here.

And, if you are still with him next year, I know he’ll like this costume.

For those not on the Wonder Woman bandwagon, tell us your Halloween costume this year.


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8 responses to “To my visitors on the quest for a Wonder Woman costume

  1. Your rss feed changed so I can’t read it from within google reader anymore…. boooooooo! 🙂

    • Hi Mike –

      I’m so glad you want to read my blog in your google reader. I just made it so that there would be a summary of each post and if it interested you, you would come to my site to read it. You no likey? I might fixy.


      • Ha, I’m always a fan of being able to read it within reader. But I also understand why sites make people come read it, too. Easier to track. 😉 But do what you like.

        To me it’s a question of weighing what you want more, more people reading it, or knowing who and how many people are reading it (or making them see advertising, but that isn’t an issue on yours). Your blog will probably be different, but as a general rule, if I’m interested in a blog I probably read about 10% of what I have to leave reader to see, compared to probably about 80% of what I can read within reader.

  2. If I looked like you, this would be mine! But, since I don’t, I’m going as a fairy.

  3. Aw, thanks for the plug! And the sensible assessment of my abilities…

    “Not even a superhero like Holly can make that happen at this late hour.”

    Amen, sister. The sewing room is officially closed for the season!

  4. Joy

    That’s a fab costume! Now I gotta work out to fit in one. :p

  5. janer

    That looks awesome!!! So great to finally see it on you. You look fabulous!

    – janer (deep in red boot envy …)

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