Quips from Quirkyville: Potty Mouth

Fiance: I moved the trashcan in the bathroom to a new spot.

QoQ: Ok. (Unsure why he needed to move the trashcan or why I should care.)

Fiance: (Felt the need to explain further.) I had a problem with the toilet paper.

[Where the trashcan sat prior to the move, the toilet paper roll was right above it.]

Fiance (continues) I mentioned it to you before that when you used the toilet paper, to make sure it doesn’t droop down into the trashcan.

[I have no recollection of said conversation, but maybe I have a selective memory.]

QoQ: (Trying not to giggle.) Ok, but you know, that dispenser is really lose. You tug a little and you get a lot!

Fiance: (proudly) Well, no matter because I moved the trashcan. I didn’t want trashcan toilet paper on my butt.

QoQ: (erupting into giggles.) Problem solved then. And, um. You know this is going on my blog, right?

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