bag The other day, I returned home to find a grocery store bag with an elaborate note scribbled on it.

Oh, this must be from our landlord. The fiance told me on the phone earlier that we had some water leaking down in our kitchen from the bathroom.

Yes, that’s what it was.


When I arrived at 11:30 a.m., the ceiling was dripping 6 dropps in 5 min with NO water running. I turned on faucet and ran water next five min had 2 drops next 5 had 1. Then I diverted water to shower with 1 drop in 15 min. Then I ran tub water and stood in tub shifting my weight to test for seal and there was 0 in 15 min.

[Insert chart with time elapsed from his arrival and drips per hour.]

Drip clearly unrelated to supply or drain. There is water under back tiled area that’s draining onto ceiling above sink, running to low spot over dish washer and exiting ceiling there.

The shower rod/curtain on back of jaccuzi [we only had only put a curtain over the front of the jaccuzi] is there for a purpose. Water standing in area where your shampoos are will leak and ruin ceiling. [Insert drawing to the right of our jaccuzi tub to show where the missing curtain is and where the water is.]

Please replace and use this shower curtain and I’ll be happy to fix your ceiling.

Best. Note. Ever.

By the next morning, there was a new curtain hanging behind the tub.


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4 responses to “Quirkyville

  1. LOL I love it!

    Hard to dispute a letter like that, especially when it includes diagrams! I would have run out and bought a shower curtain too.

  2. janer

    Dude! That sounds like my dad! That is exactly the kind of note he would write.

    hahahha rofl

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