A wedding in review

Molly's WeddingTons to report from the weekend. Namely, Molly’s wedding was fantastic. I’ll be giving a full report on that tomorrow over at Tweet My Wedding

The American Royal event was busy and chaotic, but we entertained hundreds of guests with some great food from five  talented chefs.

After Molly’s wedding, we realized we still had time to make it over to Knuckleheads for The Red Elvises concert . It is an outside venue, so we stopped home really fast so I could throw on a pair of tights and a ridiculous looking sweater (Ridiculous in how it paired with my cocktail dress. Not normally ridiculous.) Why I didn’t just put on jeans and a sweater is beyond me. It made sense at the time?

Amy and Steve were already at the concert keeping our seats warm. Oh who am I kidding? I’d had enough wine at the wedding that there was no way I was sitting down. I was a dancing queen. On the way back to our house, the stress of the week/day plus wine caught up with me and I had a major melt down. Poor fiance. 

It was time for Taco Bell and bed. I hadn’t done a run for the border after a night of drinking in YEARS.  I couldn’t even remember what I liked to order. I mean, I knew it was something highly caloric that I wouldn’t  even consider consuming during the day.  “It’s one of those wraps that is crunchy. No meat.” ???



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2 responses to “A wedding in review

  1. Cheesy gordita crunch, my go to drunk order. YUUMM!

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