Bourbon, wine, cream, mushrooms & pork – need I say more?

When I returned from blogher food, I was itching to get back in the kitchen.   And with so many new food bloggy friends to inspire me, the options were endless. But the buck stopped with Elise’s of Simply Recipes Porkchop with Mushroom Bourbon Cream Sauce.

After a horrific day which involved several lenghty calls to the North Carolina DMV that won’t send me another copy of my car title without trying to get me to pass an emissions test IN North Carolina. (My car isn’t making it to North Carolina and once it gets there, it sure as heck isn’t passing any tests.) Then, come to find out there are some back taxes from 2003 that were never paid on the car (While I take full responsibility for my part in not KNOWING these taxes hadn’t been paid, I had some choice words to say about my ex-husband) in addition to a car that we used to own in 2003, but was totalled in 2006 (ish?) So that was fun.

IMG_0945Time for some bourbon, wine, cream, mushrooms and pork, eh?

The recipe is perfect. Elise Bauer  is a really talented recipe developer.

I bet she doesn’t catch things on fire in her kitchen.



IMG_0946The only modification I made was I used panko instead of homemade bread crumbs, as suggested in the comments. I may have overcooked the pork chops a tad, but I’m still getting used to my gas stove and oven.


IMG_0948The fiance wasn’t complaining as he scraped up the last bits of mushrooms in cream on his plate.

As you can see, I served it with some steamed green beans with fresh garlic, which I just tossed in a little butter with salt and pepper.

You must make this recipe. It might change your life, or at least put you back in a happy place.

Elise’s picture is far superior to mine, so go right now and check it out.

P.S. Fire & Wine night has been moved to Thursdays now – so I think I’ll try to have a regular Fire & Wine night Friday recap.



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7 responses to “Bourbon, wine, cream, mushrooms & pork – need I say more?

  1. Oh my, indeed I have had a kitchen fire. Heated oil in a cast iron pan way too hot. Melted the side of my landlord’s refrigerator years ago. Learned my lesson though! Do not heat oil in a cast iron pan on HIGH. Also had a major churro “explosion” trying to make those Mexican pastries last year. For months we were picking churro guts off the ceiling.

    So glad you liked the recipe. Can’t take credit for it, it came from some clipping, the source of which has been long lost.

    • Well, Elise, you make me feel much better about my fires. But I’ll never be as talented in the kitchen as you, that’s for sure.

      Keep posting these great recipes for us. That one was amazing – whether you wrote it, or found it. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, this is definitely being featured in today’s round-up. Two of our new friends AND a gorgeous mushroom recipe. Done and Done.

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  6. I decided to make it for my (Italien ) parents in law. Wish me luck

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